Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Mmm... The First Posting

This is my inaugural post.
Get ready for an amazing blog. Right now I am so hyped to post everyday and get people to drop by and see this thing and write comments about what I've written; it's going to be so great and gratifying. I have plenty of time but that's because I am, as of right now, totally unemployed. When that job-thing does happen I'm hoping I'll still have time to post frequently. I'm optimistic right now so I'll go ahead and say, yeah. I'll post regularly. Wow, one post and I'm already boring myself. An auspicious debut. Ahem. Anyway, look forward in this blog to all the things I mention in the description, as well as some musings on grammar (what's up with the comma? Right?), what authors are doing and working on, and why I'm kind of sad with Believer magazine. All so so scintillating, I know. Okay. More soon.