Thursday, May 06, 2010

Nude Tayne

Now I need to see everything Tim and Eric have done because this is hilarious. I especially love the moment when Paul Rudd gets the version of Tayne he asks for.

And yeah, I just got this off of Facebook.

Note: It doesn't show on the blog very well, so to see it in its full glory, please just click on the video to go to the YouTube page. Or just click here.

Hardly Worth Posting

Well. Work is dead and I’ve got an hour before I can leave. So here's some random stuff.

1.) Peter Travers of Rolling Stone has weighed in on ‘Iron Man 2’. For a new TV spot, the studio's excerpted his review into this blurb: “It’s a blast from start to finish!” I know people could scour his reviews to find some ecstatic reviews of awful movies, but I think he’s right more often than not. So I now have a reasonable hope ‘Iron Man 2’ will be fun. In related news, I’m also pretty hyped about the teaser-trailer the studio’s running with ‘Iron Man 2” for the new JJ Abrams/Spielberg collaboration “Super 8”.You can read more here. Or just wait till tomorrow and see it at the theater. If it comes out anything as good as "Cloverfield" I'll be happy.

2.) I’m close to finishing Ayn Rand’s ‘Atlas Shrugged’, which I’ve been reading since… time began? Yeah, since about then. 850 pages down, 200 more to go! She's pretty good at the whole writing thing. She’s got me, a diehard Progressive, looking forward to the inevitable moment when the "looters" (basically New Deal Democrats) beg the striking industrialists and self-starters (True Men and Women) to come back to work and, with their genius and pure hearts, save the looters' worthless asses from the ruined world they’ve created through taxes and welfare.

That's it.