Thursday, July 27, 2006

Class of '99 Blows Up -- Also, The Strange Appeal of the HBO series, Entourage

Read this on this morning and was once again caught by surprise -- seeing people I know (or at least reading their names) in places I'm not necessarily expecting them. Turns out Danny McBride and David Green wrote a script about three nerds who build a robot bent on world domination, and Jon Heder (of Napoleon Dynamite fame) and Brian Grazer want to make it into a real live movie. Here's the link to the story. So congratulations to those guys.

And if that weren't enough evidence that NCSA SOF Class of '99 weren't taking over all media, belated Inanities congratulations go to Craig Moorhead, who's nominated for an Emmy. Read the post in full here. I guess when National Geographic films a lion kills a lion cub, Craig cuts that stuff together to make it look like the lion really feels bad about it, even though it doesn't. Right? Isn't that what NatGeo editors do? Actually, the stuff he was nominated for was some hard-hitting documantaries about Hurricane Katrina. Great job, Craig and I hope you win.

And finally, has anyone who reads this thing seen Entourage? Peggy borrowed the first season on DVD from someone at work, and I've watched four episodes. It's kind of okay as a show, but I find myself getting too annoyed to get into it. One guy makes it big as an actor. Starts his rise to A-list status in the City of Angels, and brings three of his friends from back home to be his assistants, his entourage. Only one of his friends is half smart. The actor himself, Vincent Chase, is so laid back about everything from his career to his lovelife to his finances, you want to grab him by his throat and shake him until he dies. The other actor half-brother, Drama, is a halfwit. The fat guy is a complete idiot, and the one guy who's kinda smart, isn't too interesting. Ari the agent is the only interesting character, and he's such a slime most of the time you kind of root against him. After having watched these four episodes, I'm kind of surprised this show clicked with anyone. Do people really enjoy watching a bunch of dumb mooks from Queens living it up in Los Angeles? Who have no real problems other than should they buy the $350,ooo car, or just lease it? Maybe people watch it for the cameos.

All right. If I don't blog tomorrow, have a great weekend.


Anonymous said...

Sweet Sweet Sweet!

"We are going to rule the universe..." - Caleb Pointer may have been right!

Anonymous said...

Congrats to Danny, David and Craig!


Craig Moorhead said...

Thanks, pops.

As for my job, what I have to do is cut the footage together to make it look like the lion is an alcoholic. That's the kind of talent you have to be born with, friends. You cannot learn that.

As for Entourage, I felt the same way at first, Crane, but now I don't miss an episode. While it may seem like I'm advising you to continue to drink the sour milk until it becomes fresh, I think you should stick with it. Jeremy Piven's character becomes a lot deeper and funnier. Turtle becomes a lot less annoying.

And maybe it's because I've always harbored the break-out-movie-star dream and I'm feeding on that. Better that it's in a show, anyway, because I wouldn't want it to actually happen to me in real life...

blankfist said...

Entourage is meh.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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