Saturday, September 16, 2006

Aren't Cell Phones Great? Don't They Just Bring Out the Best in People?

I just watched this YouTube clip on Andrew Sullivan's blog a couple minutes ago, and I thought I'd share it with the likes of you. It's a college professor finding a novel way to deal with the nuisance of in-class cell phone use. It's a fun clip. Take a look at it here. I like how the professor keeps right on teaching afterwards -- you can tell he's having a hard time keeping his train of thought going after getting worked up, but he makes it work. I liked the clip so much I watched it twice. And on that note, have a super-fabulous weekend.


Brian O'Malley said...

That's exactlty what each of us want to do with a cell phone, Crane, but did you also know Dems are still grasping unsuccessfully for a theme that can draw in voters this fall. Dana Milbank reports in yesterday's Washington Post “House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, the woman who will become speaker of the House if Democrats get lucky in November, began her weekly news conference yesterday holding up a red-white-and-blue brochure.‘I hope you all received 'A New Direction for America,’’ she said, standing at a lectern that bore the same slogan. She called the manifesto ‘a compilation of many of the initiatives taken by our House Democratic Caucus that encompasses our new direction for all Americans.’ It was a handsome booklet, full of homey photographs and popular proposals, but there was a problem. Democrats have had more ‘New Directions’ recently than MapQuest. Among the party's campaign slogans this year: ‘Culture of Corruption,’ ‘Culture of Cronyism,’ ‘Do-Nothing Congress,’ ‘Rubber-Stamp Congress,’ ‘Together, We Can Do Better,’ ‘Together, America Can Do Better’ and, most recently, ‘Six for '06.’” Not exactly surprising that a party with no leader, no direction, and no ideas would have this much trouble coming up with a slogan that sticks.

Remember to really rock the vote, Papa!

harwell said...

You should have totally put up that picture I took of you holding your cell phone on the path to the Linville Gorge...

But the video was funny.