Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Election Night

It's nights like this that it really sucks not having cable. I'm trying to keep up with the midterm elections by watching the big-time coverage on the big 3 networks, but my local affiliates have pre-empted all of that excellent political analysis so they can all cover all these amazing and totally consequential Georgia elections. I know I for one am much less interested in hearing Russert's and Stephanopolous's knowledgeable insights about control of the Congress than I am about hearing some slow-talking poly-sci graduate from Georgia State University drawl on and on about what an interesting race the winning candidate for Agriculture Commissioner ran. How's this for bucking the national trend. All over the country, Dems are taking House seats from Republicans. In Georgia, Republicans are taking seats from Dems. Not a backward state at all.

Are Georgians really that much more interested in these bullshit local elections than in the elections that have national implications? Really? Anyway. I'm breathing again. Nightline's on now, so I'm spared the local coverage for at least another hour or so.

We've taken the House and we await word on 3 races in the Senate. The Allen/Webb race in Virginia, the Ford/Corker race in Tennessee and the McCaskill/Talent race in Missouri. Those will be the deciding races. And it's not looking good for any of the Dem candidates.


Anonymous said...

was we 'sposed ta votes taday?

Anonymous said...


Did the American people finally wake the fuck up?

Looks like the Dems will take the House and Senate! There will be a recount, but things look pretty good for the libs in Montana and Virginia.

This election was a referendum against the slide towards fascism (big business merged with big gov't), the Iraq War and ethics.

The Dems will spend most of their time investigating NeoCon bullshit policies and finding a way to clean up our mess in Iraq. It will be interesting to see how the conservatives re-invent themselves.

I'm loving the fact that the 3rd most powerful person in the country is a left wing, San Francisco liberal! LOL!


- P

blankfist said...

Four more years! Four more years! Oh wait...

harwell said...

Crane, get your hands on a copy of The Daily Show - Colbert Report live joint effort from last night if you can. Was a lot of fun. Colbert really put on a good act.

Also, I just heard Rumsfeld resigned and am trying to spread the word. Though the rest of you probably know this by now.

Heath, Paul - how did Ahhnold win again? I thought his numbers were way down.

Craig Moorhead said...

Please. Don't. Suck! Please. Don't. Suck!