Monday, January 15, 2007

A Rambling MLK Day Post

I'm watching the Golden Globes. Warren Beatty just got off the stage after a rambling, un-written speech for his Lifetime Achievement Award. Now Speilberg's up to give the best director award. Two noms for Clint. Yawn. C'mon, Marty. Marty... yeah. He got it. I hope this presages his getting it next month.

Anyway. So Matt Drudge. Son of a bitch. I don't know if any of you happened to catch the top headline on his page yesterday, but he gave away the end to tonight's ending of "24", which was, and I'm going to give it away here [SPOILER!]: the detonation of a nuclear weapon in Los Angeles. I don't know how surprised I would have been to have watched that ending because Drudge told me all about it last night. But I bet it might have been an effective and shocking TV moment. Anyway, like I said, what a son of a bitch. I even wrote him an email. I was completely polite within, no profanity or threats, but I'm sure it'll go right into the hate mail trash file. Bastard.

Also. My Crown Vic. The wheel the car thieves smashed has been acting up of late. Whenever I engage the brake actually. I took it to Brake-O and they wouldn't touch it because they didn't have the hubcap key. The tire guys who put new tires on my car last year didn't need it. The people who fixed my car after the theft asked for it, but then figured it out without my help. These guys: no dice. So now, before I can have my brakes fixed, I'll either have to order a hubcap key or take it to a Ford dealership where they'll happily charge me 200% over what anyone else would charge. Anyway, that's what I was dealing with today -- thought I'd whine in print.

Finally. I saw "Children of Men" on Friday night, but before I get to that, what is going on with admission prices? What is it in Los Angeles these days? $13? Is the ArcLight at $20 yet? My shitty AMC is charging $9.25 for an evening show. Matinees end at 4PM. It used to be 5. Anywho. "Children of Men". Frickin' great and damn harrowing. Cuaron did an amazing job and everyone should see this one, even if it is $9.25.


blankfist said...

Arclight is about $15, I think.

blankfist said...

More cat hilarity for you, Crane.

Shawn said...

I heard you got a Golden Globe for best psychotic stare, Crane.


blankfist said...

Jack Black.

noahkey said...

Jesus, Crane.

That new photo makes me think you should have played the killer in my movie.

Are there any openings for "creepy lurker" in GA?



Anonymous said...

we need some more.. for god sakes man write.