Thursday, September 06, 2007

"Duma Key" Cover Rocks Your Thursday

To stay with King for another entry, I thought I'd post up the cover for Stephen King's new novel, "Duma Key", which comes out on January 22nd of next year.

With few exceptions King's stories and novels have been set in his home state of Maine. This is his first novel set in Florida, where he now owns a house. He "winters" there, as the rich people say.

I think it's a cool pulpy cover and beautifully illustrated. Looks like some serious Dali influence in there. King describes this novel as "the Maltese Falcon" meets "The Shining"" and deals with, in part, the fragility and fluidity of memory. Or so I take from what I've read. I would say, "I'll let you know how it is once I've read it," but I think I said something similar about "Lisey's Story" and a quick search of this blog reveals I never did let you know how it was. So, you know, I lie.


Anonymous said...

You lieeeaaa!

blankfist said...

Hey Crane, I really want to read your book, but I'm so freakin' slammed with pre-production right that the only time I have off is whilest I drive home in the afternoons, so could you, would you be a doll and let me call you then and you can give me the audio book portion of your novel? I'd love to hear it! But you have to make those spooky voices. Is that cool?

blankfist said...

Here's the guy you want to vote for, dude: Rudy!

This clip has nothing to do with the previous one. It just makes me happy to hear what Ron Paul has to say, and that he's no where near bat shit crazy: constitution!

Anonymous said...