Tuesday, November 27, 2007

"Watchmen" and "Indy 4" Photo Updates

Aintitcool.com posted up two sets of some pretty cool photos today. Each set answers a question. The first question is: Are the filmmakers behind the upcoming "Watchmen" movie on the right track to make a brilliant adaptation of Alan Moore's landmark graphic novel?

Answer: Yes. The evidence below.

These photos seem to confirm a few things that weren't set in stone. Judging by the first photo of the newsstand, Zach Snyder, the director of the film, will be devoting some time to the Tales from the Crypt-style seafaring comic that serves as a kind of story within the story in "Watchmen." This device worked well in the comic, but there was some question as to whether it would work in a film. I'd heard Snyder was going to try, and these photos certainly point in that direction. If anyone can pull it off, I think Snyder's the guy. Also the weird alternate reality in which "Watchmen" is set will remain in the film, which is cool. I wonder if we'll get a Nixon cameo as we do in the original.

Second question: Is Harrison Ford too old to play Indiana Jones for a fourth time?

Answer: Yes, but somehow he makes old and grizzled Indy just as cool and interesting as he was in those other movies -- perhaps even more so. These photos put to rest any concerns I had with the movie. But Shia Lebeouf . . . (sigh). He tries so hard, doesn't he?


harwell said...

I thought I read somewhere that the whole pirate story from Watchmen was indeed going to be filmed, but included as a separate movie on the eventual dvd release of the Watchmen. Either way, yeah that newstand looks straight out of the book.

I don't think Harrison Ford looks too old either, I just hope that they don't spend half of the movie making jokes about his age.

Stone said...

That last photo of Ford looks like it could have come from Raiders 25 years ago. He looks good!

Peggy said...

Leave Shia alone already . . .

Those WATCHMEN pics do look good and I don't know anything about it!

blankfist said...

Shia LeBouf. Yeah. That guy. Weeeeee. Is Harrison Ford too old to play Indy? Whoa, dude. Never. Well, maybe when he's 80, then... well, yes, then he'd be too old. But, right now, he looks pretty cool, and the story is supposed to be portraying a swashbuckling 30 something Indy from Raiders, anyhow. He's supposed to be older, and I'm okay with it.

Watchmen looks amazing. I almost want to re-read the entire set again. I'm really excited about that movie.

By the way, did anyone else watch Herzog's Rescue Dawn? Great movie.

blankfist said...

Oops, what I meant to write was:

"...and the story is NOT supposed to be portraying a swashbuckling 30 something Indy from Raiders, anyhow."

Why doesn't blogger add an edit button?

blankfist said...

Darth Vader is Insane... And Easily Surprised

harwell said...

It was only a matter of time...


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