Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Votin' Day!

I voted today!

It was on an electronic voting machine, so my vote will probably go to Mitt Romney, but, who cares! It's great to finally get my chance to cast an actual vote. So Obama, who's leading here in Georgia by, according to the most recent polls 49% to Hillary's 41%, will, thanks to me, be one vote closer to winning one of the larger states in contention today. My polling place wasn't crowded, and there were plenty of voting machines, all of which were in working order. How was voting in your various necks of the woods? Drudge was reporting that some Los Angelenos were having problems voting. Has this been anyone's experience?

Like a lot of you, I'll be watching the returns tonight. It'll be interesting to see how California, the biggest prize of the night for both parties, breaks down between the major candidates. If it's close, we won't know the winner until well into the morning hours of tomorrow. It's a crazy election, and nothing seems certain.

Here's another example of the craziness going on during the primary season:

On my way to my polling place, I listened to Glenn Beck trash McCain on the local right-wing crazy AM station. On my way home from lunch after voting, I listened to Rush Limbaugh trash McCain on the same station. The Republican party is unabashedly self-cannibalizing on nationally-syndicated radio, which makes me think that the vote I cast for the Democratic nominee I vote for today will help determine who the 44th President of the United States will be. If "conservatives", or at least those who feel guys like Limbaugh, Beck, Hannity, Ingraham, and Coulter represent their views, are really up in arms over the prospect of John McCain being the Republican nominee, then a lot of them will stay home this fall. Pit that demoralized segment against an energized Democratic electorate, and I like our odds in November that much more. BTW: where the hell were all these newly energized Dems back in '04? The prospect of another four years of Bush wasn't sufficiently terrifying? Damn fickle voters.

Anyway. Also: thanks for all the good comments on my "There Will Be Blood" post. I feel like I actually understand the movie a bit better after reading your takes on the film. Finally, this blog is starting to pay off!


blankfist said...

I couldn't find Satan or Stalin on the ballot, so I opted for the next worst thing and voted Romney. No, I voted Ron Paul, and I think it is safe to say he will not be getting the Nomination for the Republican side. I think it really hurts a candidate when the Mainstream Media decides to ignore you. I think it hurt his chances in a big, big way. Out of sight, out of mind for the voters.

Anyhow, as I've always predicted, Hillary will be the next president. You have little to no say about it. It's the reign of the Bush/Clinton dynasty. She will be the next president.

getyourasstomars said...

I'm not so sure about Hillary being the next President. Obamalamadingdong is now leading her in delegates. The excitement surrounding his candidacy is palpable. I think it's possible he could run away with this thing. It would be really lame if Obama beats Hillary but Hillary wins due to the superdelegates.

Personally, I think McCain could beat Hillary in the general election, but would get his clock cleaned by Obama if he had to face him. Hillary would unite the Republicans in a way their own candidates have been unable to do. Obama vs. McCain would be tough for McCain because he's a doddering old man and Obama is the vision of youthful energy and optimism. I also suspect Obama is considerably more intelligent than McCain.

This year it looks like it's going to the Dems, though. Oh well, if the Repubs have to give the Democrats a mercy fuck, maybe it's a good thing they have McCain to throw to the wolves.

Anonymous said...

Hillary is out of money too. Interesting development. Obama must win one of these states (Ohio, Texas, Pennsylvania) if he wants a chance at the Presidency. He can ill afford to take this to super delegates as the Clinton's have a far superior rollodex.

I'm not too sure that he will win Texas or Pennsylvania. Maybe Ohio, but that might not be enough.

Obama would beat McCain based on his anti-war stance and the fact that his reform measures please corporate America. Moreover, he possess the necessary diplomatic savvy to heal the wounds caused by Bush's billigerent authoritarian foreign policy (btw - this helps corporate america's image too in the long run).

Another aspect - the South (read Evangelicals) will come out in droves to vote against Hillary. They can't stand McCain, but would come out just to keep her from attaining the White House. An Obama nomination will keep them home.

If Hillary does win, which is what I believe will happen - she will not select Obama as a running mate, but John Edwards as VP. He brings the big unions and additional minorities and the progressive community with him. Moreover, I can see him as an excellent antidote to Mike "fascist" Huckabee (if he is in fact chosen as McCain's running mate to appeal to the South). It is proven throughout last 40 years that Republicans cannot win the Presidential elections without taking the South. He needs something.

So it would be Liberal Southern Populist verus Christian Southern Populist. That would be a very interesting debate for VP.

Moreover, I think selecting Guiliani as VP would be an albatross for McCain.

Without the Evangelical vote - Hillary beats McCain by a slim amount.

Also, I disagree with your assessment about Obama completely beating McCain's ass. This is much more of a crapshoot. Obama won mostly in the midwest and the south last night - staples of Republican dominance. I think during the Presidential election - you will see these regions stick to their loyalty to the GOP.

Obama might beat McCain (not by much) because Evangelicals will stay home and some moderate Republicans and Independent voters might swing his way.

But McCain is a media darling and known bipartisan. He will make it tough for the Dems, tougher than many people think.

It is the Dems election to lose, but don't be too sure of victory. Dems are good at losing.

I sometimes wonder if certain Repubs are backing Obama because they know a Hillary victory is inevitable. Their way of stopping this is to push for an Obama presidency. We haven't even seen how and if Obama will survive the right wing smear machine. Is he falling into a trap?


getyourasstomars said...


I agree with most of your points here. Obama would probably need Texas to win, as its the first primary of the three states you mentioned.

I can't see Hillary not offering the VP slot to Obama. She has everything to gain by doing this and nothing to lose. The only question is would Obama accept? He's a young man and could run again in the future, but would an alliance with Hillary hurt him in the long run? Tough to tell.

I think Hillary would be foolish to pick Edwards as her VP. He didn't do Kerry any good in 2004, couldn't even win his home state of NC. His recent adoption of the whole anti-lobbyist stance is also in direct conflict with Hillary, as she is the ultimate bought-and-paid-for-by-lobbyists candidate. Hillary would be wise to offer it to Obama, but if that doesn't pan out, look for her to choose some dipshit Clinton yes-man like Evan Bayh or maybe Wesley Clark. If she doesn't go with Obama for the sake of her own political survival, she'll pick a Clinton loyalist to be certain.

blankfist said...

Romney bailed out. Phew! That was a close on. He scares me.


Anonymous said...

Something else to consider if Obama wins is all the disillusioned Hillary supporters who will stay home no matter who the republican nominee is....


blankfist said...

Because you're writing a book about cultists, I thought you'd appreciate this little viddy of Tom Cruise's Indoctrination Video for The Church of Scientology. link

Almost done with your book. About 50 pages left.

blankfist said...

One more vid for you. link

Anonymous said...


There was an excellent protest against Scientology on Hollywood Blvd. yesterday. Everyone was dressed in black and with masks (from V from Vendetta).

People seem to be growing weary of the incresing influence of this psuedo-religion in our culture.


Anonymous said...


Gretchen said...

Happy Birthday!!!!

blankfist said...

Happy Girlday!

harwell said...

I read the article below about the Scientology protests (which were not limited to L.A. or America it turns out) and I still have absolutely no idea what they're talking about:


Can someone translate this for me??

JudgeHolden said...

Thanks for the birthday wishes folks. I do appreciate it.

As for the Scientology protest link Shawn provided, I can only decipher one of a few obscure references these protesters threw out there. When they talk about "The cake is a lie", they're referring to the Valve game "Portal", which is awesome and which I play on my XBox360. What "Portal", "V for Vendetta", "300", or any other pop culture reference these people alluded to has to do with Scientology, however, I have no clue. Maybe they thought the only way to combat the deep bizarro-ness of Scientology was with more deep bizarro-ness. Which they did.

Anonymous said...

Happy Belated Birthday Dude!