Saturday, March 22, 2008

Even Chris Wallace Thinks "Fox and Friends" Is Creepy

Sometimes, Fox News is so nakedly a propaganda arm of the Republican party, it even makes other Fox News employees uncomfortable. One of them anyway. Watch as an uncomfortable Chris Wallace, moderator of Fox News Sunday, takes the Republican mouthpieces that host "Fox and Friends" to the woodshed for spending two hours bashing Obama on the basis of a quote they'd misleadingly truncated.

It's squirmy but also hilarious. Chris Wallace comes on to tease his show tomorrow, tells the hosts they're being bad, and then each of the three hosts has to explain themselves to Wallace. Like children. Awesome. It's clear Steve Doocey (or however you spell it) is the worst of the lot, but the lady host is the most embarrassingly defensive, saying, and I'm paraphrasing, "if [Obama] wants to have conversation about race, then let's talk about the double standard for certain phrases and words." I'm not sure what she's talking about here, but it sounds like she's one of these white people who still don't quite get why they can't use the n-word. For her, that's what a "real discussion of race" is all about.

Best moment: Doocey at the end saying, "You sure got a weird way of showing it."


blankfist said...

Some of those silly white people don't understand they have to be ashamed and apologetic to a race they had nothing to do with oppressing personally but other people who share their race did so that means they have to feel bad. Period. Good point, Crane.

I guess because those people who ran planes into our World Trade Center were Middle Eastern, then our hatred for them should be ever reaching without pause, and we are justified in thinking they should be overwhelmingly apologetic to us as a race because of what their extremists did to our country. I like that, Crane. Great points!

JudgeHolden said...

I'm not sure what your comment had to do with my post dude. But they are great points!

blankfist said...

Sorry, I suppose I should be more clear. I was responding to this comment: "I'm not sure what she's talking about here, but it sounds like she's one of these white people who still don't quite get why they can't use the n-word."

dirtylikemine said...

The dark-haired Fox and Friends anchor, Brian Kilmeade, really did take the other side of this argument. He actually got so pissed at Steve Doocey and Gretchen Carlson he walked off the set. This was only moments before the Chris Wallace handslapping...

see video here

Doocey is a total shit-for-brains and Gretchen Carlson is a former beauty pageant winner. Wallace takes dumps with more gravitas than those two jerkoffs.

nathan said...

wholly shit. look at this

Anonymous said...

Capitalism is the social revolution deferred.

All Corporate Media is mediated pro-government propaganda - including CNN and MSNBC. This has been the case since Walter Lippman and the Truman Doctrine. Doesn't matter the party affiliation.

A person is better off reading, studying with a critical perspective various sources from both the left right and outside the spectrum and coming to their own conclusions.