Monday, May 26, 2008

Bush Movie Casting is Now Complete

A big casting decision was announced recently by the producers of Oliver Stone's upcoming Bush biopic probably, but I don't think definitely, entitled "Bush." Shotgun-wielding Dick "Darth Vader" Cheney (seen below)

will be played by 70's-era throwback Richard Dreyfuss (seen below)

And in case you missed Entertainment Weekly's exclusive first look at Josh Brolin in his George W. get up (which includes W's distinctive lost/pissy expression and makeup), take a look:

Not too bad. Looks a tad on the skeletal side though. Having seen and been unimpressed by Oliver Stone's recent efforts (didn't see "World Trade Center" though. How was that? Didn't look too good.), I'm not sure there's cause to be hopeful about this movie, particularly since it's being crashed through production so people can see the movie before the election, but I feel like if any formerly-great film director's due for a comeback (even of the one-movie variety), it's Stone.


Harwell said...

I liked World Trade Center. Maybe because my expectations were so low and maybe because I tend to fall for somewhat easy and not-so-subtle sentimentality (the Color Purple, A Beautiful Mind, Forest Gump, etc.) Regardless, it was a film that bore very little resemblance to anything else I've seen of Stone's. It was straightforward storytelling with commercial aims. I can see him going this route with Bush since I think people will be expecting him to have his fangs out given the subject matter and his previous political films. That said, God wouldn't it be nice if this movie was three-quarters as good as JFK???

I saw that HBO movie Recount yesterday, which revisits the 2000 election mess. Pretty good, pretty good. And guess who directed that? Jay "Austin Powers" Roach. Quite a departure for him. See it.

harwell said...

And holy crap, Sidney Pollack died.

Anonymous said...

They shouldn't make films about Bush - they should put the joker in jail for war crimes.

blankfist said...

"They shouldn't make films about Bush - they should put the joker in jail for war crimes."

I think you're confusing Dark Knight Returns with Stone's Bush film.

Anonymous said...

This could be quite funny.

Wouldn't it be great if Oliver Stone made this a kind of dark political satire?