Monday, September 29, 2008

"Benjamin Button" Trailer

Instead of talking about important things, like the complete reorganization of our entire financial system, or the still viable possibility of having a dangerous rube one heartbeat away from the presidency, I thought I'd post a link to the latest trailer for likely Oscar contender, David Fincher's "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button."

Take a look, here.

Looks promising. I'd go on about it, but I've got a cold and I'm sleepy. I'll make two points though: 1.) Brad Pitt looks to be doing some amazing work here; I predict a Best Actor nomination for this based on what I'm seeing. And 2.) As beautifully shot and interesting as this looks, it seems to have the potential to be a long, ponderous "Meet Joe Black" kind of disappointment, but that's just uninformed supposition based on a minute and a half of footage. What it has going for it though is Fincher. Guy hasn't made a bad movie yet.

Another award-winning blog post.


blankfist said...

You didn't like Meet Joe Black? It wasn't mainstream and certainly not commercial, I suppose.

harwell said...

I like this trailer. Hard to argue with the technicality of what's on screen there. That reverse shot of the war footage? Awesome. I think it could be a tough sell though and not just to mainstream America, but to anyone really - a little girl kissing someone who looks like an old man could turn off anybody, I suppose.

Feels like new territory for Fincher though and I'm excited to see what he's done with it.

7ith said...

yeah but whats in the box?

Anonymous said...

I love American movies so much - especially my favorite movie so far is Fool's Gold.

Also, if it wasn't for Brad Pitt I wouldn't know what to do! He is sooooo super amazing and HOT! Like I can't explain it.