Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Daniel O'Brien Has a Message for the Executives at 20th Century Fox

This is kind of an odd way to come back and put up an actual post after the long drought, but, as it has to do with one of my pop culture obsessions, and is also pretty damn funny, I thought it needed to be shared.

As some of you may already know, 20th Century Fox is suing Warner Bros. over "Watchmen." Fox says they own the rights, Warner says eff off, and that's where we stand. Or stood. On Christmas Eve, a judge decided in favor of 20th Century Fox.

A follower of the suit and a fellow "Watchmen" fan named Daniel O'Brien wrote a letter to the executives at Fox in response to the decision that eloquently condensed my own on the matter. That letter is here and it made me laugh.

(WARNING: to all readers of the Inanities who find themselves getting offended on a regular basis, this letter might not be for you.)

The Aintitcool link to the letter where I originally found link this can be found here.


moorhead said...

Yeah, it was a greed-tastical play by Fox.

But still, it was a dumb move on the side of WB. They need to pay the bill and get on with things...

heather b said...

wow. what a great letter!!! i'm still laughing...

blankfist said...

Awesome! It's a letter I can only marvel at... wow. Speechless.

harwell said...

Funny. I imagine it's obviously not as simple as Fox just sitting on the property for so long and then pressing the lawsuit button, but who knows. I'm sure there's a sordid story behind this whole thing that probably involves a lot of egos and job changes and other red tape crap that kept the movie from getting made for so long.

But the breakfast sandwich analogy was pretty brilliant.

Rorschach said...

no intelligence over an intelligent piece. Nice Bri.

Anonymous said...

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