Thursday, May 14, 2009

"The Road" Trailer Hits

Not a great trailer, but gets the job done. For one, I don't really like the "Day After Tomorrow" vibe at the start of this thing. McCarthy spent about a sentence dealing with the whys and wherefores of the end of civilization, but the trailer makes those concerns seem paramount. Comes off looking cheap and over-CG'd. The delay in getting this into theaters also worries me a bit. But there are enough hints that the dread and terror and hope McCarthy conjured so effortlessly in the novel made it into the movie that I'm excited about this one.


Harwell said...

I think you pretty accurately described my thoughts on the trailer. Can't wait to see it - just hope the first couple moments of the trailer don't amount to much in the movie itself. As a general rule of thumb, I'd like to suggest that all of us reading this agree to never write a movie that shows a big ship on dry land as an intended moment of awe. I suggest that this has been done enough at this point and we should all just move on to something else. Agreed?

Even still, looks like we're in for another great Viggo performance at the very least and possibly a lot more. I'm excited.

Matthew said...

The book seemed more empty and desolate than what we see here. I was imagining something more like Mad Max, long, lonely, deserted roads, but where the world was white and grey. Or was that just what I pictured?

blankfist said...

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Several big summer movies out now.

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Anonymous said...

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