Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Just a Taste of Crazy, Georgia-Style

Take just a moment, won't you, to watch my elected Representative, none other than Phil Gingrey (R), take the assault rifle-carrying health care town hall opponents head-on on "Hardball."

Actually, watch Gingrey tell Chris Matthews he thinks it's A-OK to bring assault weapons to public political events the President is holding.

Yes, these people exist, and yes, I live among them.


A Nest of Cranes said...

with this fringe element bringing guns maybe you two shouldn't go to the town hall, you know we have more fringe here than in a lot of other places

blankfist said...

"I know it's a right, but why you need to bring it if you're not going to use it?"

Is this the "use it or lose it" argument for rights?

I love seeing people bringing guns into the public sphere, just as I love seeing people having the right to speak their mind and a right to a jury.

monolith said...

I just shot crane with heaths gun, both problems solved