Tuesday, September 29, 2009

YouTube Compilation!

Sorry I've been more than slack updating this thing. In what I hope to be the start of a fresh spate of new blog entries, here is a compilation of YouTube awesomeness over the years. It's damn fun to watch. So enjoy.


Peggy said...

This makes me feel "normal."

blankfist said...

Leeeeroooy Jeeeenkins!

I love the Leeroy Jenkins story. That video still cracks me up. You can watch it here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LkCNJRfSZBU

Here's the story. You'll need to know the story to get the humor. When you start the video, you'll see a bunch of World of Worldcraft players (or more accurately, their avatars) gathered together on the screen, and they're going over a strategy to win at some challenge that apparently is incredibly difficult to beat and requires no room for error. And they must all work together as a group to ensure victory.

At the bottom left of the group, however, you will notice a squatting avatar. This is Leeroy Jenkins. In WOW a player's avatar, apparently, squats like that when it's idle, so apparently Leeroy is gone from the game during this pre-mission briefing. The story here is that he left the game to get some chicken.

At about 1:20 he comes back (with his chicken) and immediately rushes into battle with the battle cry, "Alright let's do this! Leeerooy Jeeeenkins!" This of course forces everyone's hand, and they rush in unprepared. Quickly they're picked off. Leeroy ends with, "At least I have chicken."

blankfist said...

"the start of a fresh spate of new blog entries"

mmmm hmmmm