Friday, June 18, 2010

Deadly Bear from a Galaxy Far Far Away

The only thing more frightening than running into a bear in the wilderness? Running into a bear armed with a light saber. I know this goes without saying, but two hours of this would have been so much better than 'Phantom Menace'.

Anyway, this got me laughing, thought I'd share the joy.


JudgeHolden said...

Obviously just click on the movie so you can see it in its full glory, and not in the cropped badness on the blog page. Doesn't Google own YouTube? Doesnt Google run Blogger? Shouldn't a YouTube movie post to Blogger perfectly?

Anonymous said...

From the iPad desk
You are. Being to hard on the star wars movie. But The bear would have been cool addition to the plot.

Anonymous said...

still no sebulba

Anonymous said...

So, I guess we can never expect your genius wit ever again. This is now a timely meme video site?

Bull! Give us our Crane back!