Tuesday, April 25, 2006

I Love Me My Dems, But This Cover Makes me Laugh

I saw this on the shelves at Barnes and Noble today and at first I thought, "Well, this must be a conservative magazine." I don't really know the Economist's political bent, but I have to say the more I look at this mock-up of the stars in the Democratic party, the funnier it gets. Here's a closer look. For a blogger's analysis of the image, click here. I'm out.


harwell said...

Yeah, I saw that at the airport and had a good laugh. It makes me wonder what song they would be singing, if they were in fact a real band. From the position of Hillary's mouth, I'd go with something like the end of "Hey Jude." You know, the "na-na-na-naaah" part.

Kind of interesting how they have Clooney lumped in there too. They missed the ball though by not putting him in his Soggy Bottom Boys outfit from O' Brother.

blankfist said...

Harwell's a soggy bottom. This was boring! BOOOOOO!

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