Thursday, April 13, 2006

A Short Post Wherein I Briefly Discuss My Difficulties With a Certain Samsonite Office Chair. (Yeah, they make chairs, too.)

My office chair is busted.

I came into my office yesterday morning, sat down, and felt suddenly as if I was sitting on a wooden board balanced atop a flagpole. I lifted the release lever and lowered the chair. After a bit of finagling, my chair is now permanently descended to its lowest setting, and I now look like a child (albeit a large child with a double chin and thinning hair) sitting at a big boy desk and pretending to work. Not far off from reality actually.

Something very tiny and grease-covered did fall out of the bottom of the chair when I knelt down to examine it yesterday, but because I couldn't see where the hell it was supposed to go, and was irrationally offended by the congealed oil getting on my hands, I threw it out. I think this chair may be forever broken. Sad. It was good while it lasted. Anyway. Thought I'd keep everyone apprised of this dramatic development in the ongoing Crane storyline. Like it or not, more blog tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

I not like it. Bring back the environment bore.

harwell said...

Is that really what your chair looks/looked like, Crane? That's pretty nice.

Shannon said...

I hate broken chairs...and the dutch.