Sunday, February 25, 2007

Pre-Show Predictions

Before the Oscar telecast starts up tonight, I thought I'd post up some predictions. I'll get right to them.

Best Picture
: I got a weird feeling it's going to be "Little Miss Sunshine". I think this movie benefits from being a smart, tightly-written, well-shot movie that people have been dismissing for awards since it came out. It might have enough underdog buzz to eke out the win. I think people thought "Babel" was too alienating, "Letters from Iwo Jima" too Clint-y (not to mention no one's seen it), "The Queen"not sweeping enough and too modern for a movie about the royals, but I think if it's not "Little Miss", then "The Departed" has got the best shot -- it's also helped by being the actual best film of all of the nominees.

Best Director
: I think Scorcese's DGA win makes him a lock. If he doesn't get it, we'll know once and for all the Academy loathes Marty.

Best Actor
: Forrest Whitaker, and he deserves it.

Best Actress
: Helen Mirren, and she deserves it.

Best Documentary Feature
: My man Al Gore with "An Inconvenient Truth".

As for Best Supporting, everything I'm reading says it'll be Eddie Murphy and Jennifer Hudson. As for the show itself, I predict a real snorer. Good luck with this four-hour behemoth, Ellen!

Other than that, enjoy the show!


blankfist said...

It was great seeing Marty win Best Director. And I'm really glad The Departed won best picture, too. It's about time Scorcese won for something, you know? The Academy seemed to let two of his most brilliant films slip past them: Taxi Driver and Goodfellas. I still cannot believe Dances with Costner won over Goodfellas. Sheesh!

harwell said...

Yep, hard to argue with the bulk of last night's results. I was very happy for Alan Arkin - his performance was the most enjoyable part of LI'L MISS SUNSHINE for me, so much so I thought it was a mistake of the filmmakers/writer to have his character die period, let alone so early in the film. Would've been happy for Eddie Murphy, as well, even though I haven't seen his film...but Arkin's the man. One of the best voices in movies.

Oh Heath - what did you think of PILOBOLOUS???? Did you crack a smile hearing that name? I know I did.

The show itself was kind of lame though, don't you think? Anyone else think that Forest Whittaker wasn't even there until they announced his name as a nominee? Even my mom pointed out that they didn't seem to show as many of the stars in the audience this year. Obviously this is because they were too busy draining the life out of the thing with other crap. Too many written speeches, too few jokes, and entirely, unforgivably TOO FREAKING LONG!!!

Is it that difficult to whittle this beast down??

blankfist said...

I forgot about Alan Arkin. Right on! Yeah, he was the best thing about Lil Miss Sunshine, and that's saying a lot. His part was so small, yet Arkin made it seem so much more than it was. That's a credit to his action abilities, for sure.

I didn't know it was Pilobolus until I got into work this morning and a co-worker (who I had previously told that the word "pilobolus" was the best sounding word ever!) came rushing up asking me pretty much the same thing you just asked. Oh pilobolus! You make the world go around!

blankfist said...

action abilities = acting abilities.

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