Friday, February 09, 2007

This Post is Brought to You Today by Procrastination

And just like that it's Friday. My first week in I don't know how long of five posts in five days. Hope to keep it up.

In book news, I've got today and tomorrow (before Sunday and big 30) to take my paper edits of the "polished draft" (which I finished with a couple days ago so, in essence, the book is done), into the "Final" Word document. I'm on page 261 of 490, just came across a page covered with strike-throughs and add-ons, and I thought, "I'd rather put up a blog than get into this right now." This is classic procrastinator's thinking, but I'm a slave to it. Entering changes into a Word document is about as tedious as it gets, but book ain't really done 'till I do it.

Anyway, saw this on Drudge, got kinda T.O'd about it (you can imagine me saying that in the voice of Kip from "Napoleon Dynamite"), and I thought I'd share. The general manager of Cartoon Network was forced to resign over that bullshit Boston "terrorism" scare a week or so back. The one with the battery-operated Lite Brite boxes featuring the big Mooninite from Aqua Teen Hunger Force? Here's a link to his announcement letter. How terrible is that? You have a very cool job, you authorize a hip, viral kind of marketing campaign to get the word out about your product, and then some retards in Boston cause a panic over Lite Brites, and because the political climate is such that there's nothing funny about terrorism, even when there's none in sight, heads have to roll, but none of them can belong to Boston city officials. Ridiculous. I hope the guy lands on his feet. It's one thing to have to quit or resign because of an honest-to-God screw up, but to lose your job over something like this? Having to listen to SOBs lie about what happened, and call it a "hoax", when it was nothing of the sort? Kinda hard to take.

Anyway, blogger and nouveau-Kiwi Mike Moran has a good post up about the original incident from a diehard Beantown resident's point of view. He knows these people. You can check it out here.

All right, that's it for me. Have a good weekend.


blankfist said...

You hope he lands on his feet? I mean, yeah, I think his resignation is a sham, and I fault Turner for the lack of balls, but the guy has had 13 years with this company, and his resignation most certainly came with a hefty severance. Still, I get you with the outrage we should be feeling over this silly terrorism scare. Scared people really suck.

Also, I read Turner Broadcasting is promising to pay $2 million dollars to the city of Boston. I wonder what they'll do with all that money? Maybe they'll fund more educational programs, maybe the monies will help to shelter the homeless, or even better maybe they'll pay the firemen and 1st alert teams a big fat bonus for their time defusing lite-brites! But, my guess is the money will disappear into the bureaucratic obscurity that is government.

harwell said...

Anybody else read that the Aqua Teen box had been up in Boston for three weeks before anybody complained about it? I think one of the guys who was arrested said that, but then I try not to trust felons.


And happy early birthday.

noahkey said...

Happy Birthday, Crane!!!!!



blankfist said...

Yes, happy b-day, nerd! I know it was Sunday, but I don't say happy anything except during the week. And, harze-wellz, I heard that too. Those lite-brite boxes had been up for a couple weeks prior to the scare.

Hey BOC, when are you coming back to LA, buttercup?

blankfist said...

Crane, you'll squirm from this one, I bet. It's intense. It's nothing objectionable, just uncomfortable.

jfme said...

Understand your feelings about Caruso. He has talent but he's trying to act like a hardass all the time. I think it's the way the scrip is written.
Is it true you had a birthday.