Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Brolin's Bush Looks Scary

Um, is this one of the scariest photos ever taken, or is it just me? Why exactly does Josh Brolin's head look so enormous in this shot? It's almost like the thing Mike Myers did in the trailers I saw for "The Love Guru" where Myers put his own massive head on a kid's body for a flashback. Just weird.

In the article Brolin and Stone talk about how fairly their film treats our duly selected president. Brolin says that had the screenplay been what he expected it to be, a "far-left hammering of the president," as he puts it, then he wouldn't have done it. I think it's good that the movie won't be that. If done well, a fair and generally honest treatment of W. won't spend 2 hours showing what a despicable person George W. Bush is, but rather how his life's experiences drove him to seek the highest office in the land, but also shaped him into a person almost entirely unsuited to it. This is another one I'm looking forward to.


Anonymous said...

Aother reason why the US is totally lost.

Why does it have to be a far left issue that Bush is a war criminal?

Seriously, he has broken international law with an aggressive, unsubstantiated assault on an innocent country.

Last imperial power to do that was Hilter and Germany for invasion of Austria and then Poland.

Duh...Let's just make a balanced potrait of the man. What a crock!


Harwell said...

Well, personally I don't really know that we need a fictionalized version of Farenheit 9/11 (assuming you find it non-fiction to start with). I'd see that movie, sure, but I don't know that I'd find it all that interesting at this point. And it certainly seems like it would be limiting as far as the ground a biopic usually covers.

Call me crazy, but I like the idea of seeing a different side of W and I like the idea of Stone being the one to do that. I don't look for it to change my opinion of the man, but I'm definitely game for 2 hours that show me something different.

'Lith said...

brolin is a short man. He has short legs and short arms which is why he dies in all his movies. That is why hi head is so big. Now why is yours?

Speck said...

dont care about W. Dont care about Stone. Dont care at all about this movie.

I will skipping like have with Ollie's last several films.


Anonymous said...

Brolin looks just like Bush, he has a dumb innocent look on his face even though he's dirty and probably in some sort of jail. But I don't think the making of this movie goes to show why the U.S is totally lost. We aren't celebrating or holding W. on some sort of pedestal. I'd even go in so far as to say none of the people involved in writing or reading this post has had any hand in making the movie. It's just a movie about our shitty president.

Anonymous said...

Is Heath Mr. Anonymous?