Tuesday, July 08, 2008

"The Day the Earth Stood Still" Teaser

The teaser for the remake of "The Day the Earth Stood Still" is up. What do you think?

I like the almost over-the-top nerdiness of the guy administering the lie-detector test, I like seeing Kathy Bates acting in stuff that's not totally beneath her ("Waterboy" is a good example), and I like the guy telling Jennifer Connelly, "Don't be afraid," as though he's talking as much to himself as to her. But I'm not sold on Keanu Reeves playing an alien. Isn't he too much identified with his other iconic and not terribly-demanding film roles to believably play a scary alien? Particularly one as relatively well-known as Klaatu? (So well-known, so embedded in the zeitgeist that I lifted the name for my own book when I needed an other-worldly-sounding name! And I haven't even seen the original movie! Something else to change.) Something seems off about this thing. As it is a teaser, it's meant to give only enough information to raise questions in the viewer's head they'll want to learn the answers to on opening weekend. But does it do even that? I'm kind of thinking not so much.

Does the teaser do anything for those who've seen the original movie? Are the big, sweeping CG shots of what look like highly-corrosive dust-storms of particular interest because they're alluded to in the original, but never shown? I'll withhold judgment until I see the full trailer, but color me unenthused by this.


Craig Moorhead said...

Yeah - having seen the original, this trailer is might confusing. Or really I guess I've jumped to the conclusion that this movie will show none of the restraint of the first movie... I just feel like someone somewhere said "You know what the problem with the original is? Not enough stuff blew up."

Though there's another angle they may have gone with, more ecological than cold war, that might be really smart.

Anonymous said...

Agreed Craig - but of course - Bush is already creating another Cold War with the Russians as we speak, so this film might be prescient afer all.

"Killing is my business, and business is good!"
- Megadeth


blankfist said...

No one knows restraint like Michael Bay. He would've been the best to Direct that movie, for realz.

Captain Mike said...

Looks ok to me...