Monday, December 12, 2005

Bodybuilders Take Care of Their Own

Something else to consider: is Arnold denying clemency to Tookie because, back in the day, Tookie's physique rivaled his own? Is this some weird bodybuilding beef? Maybe Arnold believes so strongly in the purity of the bodybuilding ethos, that any bodybuilder who taints that purity by committing murder must then be sacrificed? Maybe Arnold became governor for this express purpose -- to make sure when Tookie's case came up, he'd be in a position to put a bad bodybuilder down. They take care of their own. Creepy. Just kidding, but seriously: creepy.

Slightly creepier, this guy's supposed to die tonight, at midnight Pacific time.


Anonymous said...

The only way to get that big in the 70's was steroids. He continued to brake the law in jail.

And he broke with huge Triceps.

Peggy said...

What happened to the promises of this blogger??

Anyone else remember:
"Now that I know how to use those new flushable toilet scrubbers, those toilets will stay clean and appealing -- kind of like a gleaming white, porcelain friend you look forward to hanging out with."

I do. I do.

Seeking Completion said...

Scary how easy it is to kill someone... makes you start planning eh?

blankfist said...

Slap some nice 'Brembos' on them laws, will ya? Skrrrrt!