Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Has Mel Lost his Mind? It Would Appear So From This Freeze Frame. But Not In A Bad Way

Ok, this is hilarious. If you frequent, than you've probably already seen this: the teaser for Mel Gibson's new movie Apocalypto went up today and it doesn't make much sense. My guess is that it will eventually, but that it sure doesn't now. Just a bunch of so-so images that are supposed to get me tweaked to see the movie, but, sadly, don't. For my money the teaser's not that good -- there's a Lord of the Rings-wannabe shot at the end that's designed to put it over the top and make people want to see it, but it just looks weak and, to my eye, poorly imagined. But we'll see. Anyway, the funny thing is this: Mel Gibson puts in a single frame of himself into the trailer. And not Mel in Mayan (or Aztec, I dunno) costume, just him hanging out in his grungy director's togs. It's about 3/4 of the way through the trailer. After the stuff with the pregnant woman and right after the three guys with torches, start single-frame advancing through until you hit Gibson's crazy, Riggs-wild picture and you, too, can laugh as I did.

Ok. Off to the Chronic!(WHAT?) Cles of Narnia!


Moran said...

Crane, Mel lost his mind a long time ago. I found that single frame. I actually think that is kind of funny, even with Mel sporting his Taliban-chic crazy man beard. He kind of looks like my neighbor, Mr. Del Orto. My elementary school bus stop was in front of his house. He was a hunter, and quite often would leave his garage door open with fresh deer carcasses on display for the local children. He had a whole room full of heads. He even had a stuffed shark and a preserved beehive hanging from the ceiling. Perfect for sleepovers. His wife just left him.

Back to Mel. I'm sure that I'll go see this movie, as I've always been fascinated by the Maya, Aztec, and Inca empires (5th grade independent study). I have no idea what Mel's take on this subject will be, but if his passing interest in torture carries over into this flick, he'll have plenty of material to work with. The Maya had ritual human sacrifice that make Christ's tormenters look like a bunch of punk bitches, and without any of that third act touchy-feely-son-of God-resurrection-and-mankind-is-redeemed-love-one-another-give-peace-a-chance stuff. They would pull your brain out of your nose with a hook and set your intestines on fire while you were still breathing just to make it rain.

I think that last shot (the eclipse/important dude/huddled masses shot) was cool in its conception, but kind of ruined by subpar cgi. Very video gamey.
They need some Big-atures, damn it!

By the way, I got your Christmas card. You have beautiful penmanship.

blankfist said...

That was crazy. Wow. Ann Coulter would be proud of you for pointing that out.

It's kind of cool... and a little bit creepy.

blankfist said...

Is that a joint he's smoking?

JudgeHolden said...

Thanks for the long and awesome comment, Mike. Yeah, Mel loves him some torture -- I think we'll be seeing quite a bit of that in this movie. I think the crazy-ass, sadistic rites they practiced are right up his alley. And, I didn't find the freeze frame. did.

And yeah, it looks like a joint. Handrolled something anyway. I wish that dude would get back into acting. He may think Hollywood hates him (maybe they do), but America doesn't seem to have simmering ill-will towards the guy. He needs to get back into it. Though his acting style is seriously tic-y and kinda predictable, he's interesting to watch. Maybe he'll cameo in this movie as an intestines-igniter.

Fried Pepperoni said...

From the description of this movie, it sounds an awful lot like the long-awaited (and hopefully ass free) sequel to Incident at Sicuani.

Did Mel want to shoot in Peru?

Peter said...

Kong is the meanest movie ever

Anonymous said...

Never ass free! Never! Sicuani, Peru? Shit. Sick of Whiny You!What? I make no sense. Me not smart. Me anonymous.

Let's get a post going soon, please Crane!

food for thought said...

The AP reported that, despite Democrat claims to the contrary, “A solid majority of Americans oppose immediately pulling U.S. troops out of Iraq…an AP-Ipsos poll found…Some 57 percent of those surveyed said the U.S. military should stay until Iraq is stabilized…’You've got to finish the job,’ said Terry Waterman, a store manager from Superior, Wis. ‘The whole world is looking to us for leadership. We can't have another Vietnam.’"

JudgeHolden said...

Kong is a mean movie. To me it is a 3-hour long ode to animal cruelty. But 1 and a half, maybe 2 hours of it, are very good. The rest, deleted scenes fodder.

As for a new post, my guess is that today's Inanity will go up later tonight. Right now I'm helping mi madre pack up the books in her house in preparation for the big move.

And yes, thank you Food for Thought and not-at-all-regular reader of this blog. I love your brand of fact-based conservatism. Just quoting polls without offering an opinion is awesome and not annoying. I hope to see much more of you.

Joe Primm said...

Let's push the comments to (10) for the day. Great blogging from a fellow Atlanta blogger. Cheers.

blankfist said...