Thursday, December 01, 2005

Thursday's Inanity: Here's Some Cat for You

This is my cat, Venkman. This post would have gone up earlier, but Venkman stretched his big cat-ass out on my desk, and knocked my pencil sharpener onto the CPU, which caused my computer to freeze, and pencil shavings to go hither and yon. Awesome. So I had a thing written up already, about Venkman coincidentally, but now it is gone. You know how it is, having to rewrite something after it's been inadvertantly erased. Just isn't the same. But, I'll summarize what I'd written: I said that Venkman, like most cats, is not only out of his mind, but completely preoccupied with the idea of forts; places he can sit inside and feel both hidden, and capable of launching a surprise attack, a Catz-krieg, if you will, against unsuspecting humans, namely Peggy and I. Today, while I was loading bottles of water into our fridge, before I'd taken the last bottle out of the thick plastic wrapping, the cat was inside it (pictured top), testing it out for fort-worthiness. He found it suitable for about 5 minutes before abandoning it. What he does enjoy climbing into for fort purposes are these "Fridge Packs" the soda companies are packaging cans in these days. You can see him testing out two of them simultaneously in this photo here. These aren't really so good for cat-forts, but I think there's something alluring about the tunnel-effect he appears to be enjoying here -- maybe he hopes it's a tunnel leading to his ideal fort. Anyway, good luck figuring out which end is in which box. Well, before the Inanities becomes one of those cat-centric blogs written by the lady with 87 cats in her house, I'll leave you with a link. To the funniest cat video of all time. It's awesome.


Peter said...

8pm Crane residence:
Brian drops trash on floor.
8:01: Cat plays with trash.
8:02: Brian returns from mad dash for the camera to the kitchen.
8:03-8:05:"C'mon kitty do it for the camera"
8:06-8:09: Brian walks by TV towards computer but gets distracted by an ad for Stacked
8:10: This blog.

blankfist said...

8:11: Crane denounces his previous boast of the funniest cat video of all time when he discovers this one:
8:13: After watching the above video, Crane reconsiders the universe and accepts that the white cat is a huge leap in self-aware evolution for the feline species.

Cats love it when you take a medium size box (like the ones copier paper come in) and cut a single entrance way into one side (large enough for your cat). Then, sporadically (keep it sparse) around the box (and the top) cut other holes ranging from the size of a golfball to the size of a grapefruit. For an added treat, place waded newspaper in the bottom of the bottom. Viola. The cat will never exit the box again. Ever.

JudgeHolden said...

That's real gross. I guess that's why you neuter your cats -- so they have no inclination to do something like that. And the box idea sounds good -- did you do that for Maceo?