Friday, December 16, 2005

Kong, 1857-1934. John Spencer, 1946-2005.

I saw King Kong this afternoon. It put me in a bad mood. Not because it wasn't as good as I thought it would be, but because Kong dies at the end. I knew that going in, of course, but watching it happen Jackson-style kills you. And no, I didn't cry. I'm a MAN. A MAN doesn't cry when a giant CG ape is machine-gunned by heartless soldiers in bi-planes. Though I kinda felt like it. What injustice! They take him to New York, what did they THINK he was going to do? Unbelievable. Like Dances with Wolves makes you hate the US Army, this movie makes you hate humans in general. We're kinda like ass-holes. Anyway, I'd post a full on review up here, but no one reads these things until they see the movie themselves so I'll give it a couple of weeks. Or maybe just 'till the end of this weekend. Did you know Kong is in danger of bombing? It made a little less than ten million on Wednesday and only 6 yesterday. This is well below expectations -- they're saying it's the 21st highest Wednesday tally, which is not awesome. I mean, it's long, sure, and it could benefit from some really obvious cutting (you can tell while watching it which stuff you should have seen on the DVD as deleted scenes), but the stuff with Kong is fantastic (Andy Serkiss is amazing as Kong) and well-worth the 3 hours and the $7 matinee ticket price. So go see it this weekend; help Jackson keep his clout in Hollywood. (By the way, Frank Darabont himself plays one of the heartless bi-plane machine gunners at the end.)

So after Kong's tragic demise got me feeling down, I get home and read on CNN that John Spencer died today. Spencer plays Leo McGarry on The West Wing, and he was an actor I never really thought about too much because he wasn't the kind of guy who really stole the spotlight, but he was really excellent in the role. He played the FBI heavy in The Rock (and cursed up a storm -- he spat profanity better than anybody), and Harrison Ford's unethical but loyal friend in Presumed Innocent. Great character actor. He was only 58 and he died of a heart attack.

Anyway. Have a great weekend er'rybody.


Anonymous said...

omg, i love him on west wing . . . i can't believe it . . . he was too young . . .

Peter said...

we are assholes

blankfist said...

Yes, assholes is what we are.

Peter said...

no one is going to kong. I think its 3 reasons. 3hrs is too long for people right now. No stars. We know the ending. The exact reasons why no one went to Titanic.

Fried Pepperoni said...

Another problem with Kong, and maybe the most damning - we've seen it before. And I'm not just talking about the other two versions, I mean the trailer - they've been cramming that thing down our throats so much I feel like I could take a fair shot at storyboarding half the movie before I ever buy a ticket. I also wonder if the world (i.e. Americans) just isn't in the mood for some big monkey movie right now.

I want to see it. But I still wish Jackson would've made something else. Glad he has it out of his system now, at least.

He's got it out of his system now, right? Right? Uhh boy.

Anonymous said...

I wasn't excited to see Kong.

But I was bored and found a big theater in Brighton, UK on the I decided to see Kong.

Yes, its a bit too long at 3 hrs. BUT I think Jackson has clinched his spot as one of the top uber directors out there.

The movie is good. And Jackson is awesome at relaying visuals and emotion on screen.

Possible Spoiler:

The scene in NY with Kong and Naomi Watts on the frozen lake...amazing. One of the best scenes in cinema in a long time.

And the way Kong died...heart breaking....damn you Jackson...I had a wet eye at that scene.....