Wednesday, June 21, 2006

In Just Minutes a Day, You Too Can Have a Slightly More Organized Place

Does anyone do Spring Cleaning anymore? Besides Martha? Around our home, we like to keep everything tidy most of the time and every once in a while attack certain spots. If we let things build up, it would just give our panther more lethal hiding places. Anyway, sometimes, if you get behind in staying organized, things can start to seem overwhelming.

So, in an attempt to help you de-clutter, bit by bit, I found the following Mini Organizing Projects You Can Complete in 10 Minutes (or less) from If you get started today, you will have less clutter in your life this time next week.

6/21 Weed out 10 file folders. Dedicate 1 minute per folder and recycle any papers you no longer need.

6/22 Pick through a junk drawer. Set a timer for 10 minutes, grab a garbage bag, open the junk drawer, pick through anything no longer needed and toss it in the garbage.

6/23 Make a donation bag. Go through your clothes closet and choose 5 articles of clothing you never wear. Put them in a donation bag, to be given to your favorite charity.

6/24 Delete some email. Spend 10 minutes deleting any email you no longer need from your inbox.

6/25 Clear off a surface. Whether the surface is a table, a dresser, a desk or an ottoman, remove any clutter so you can actually see the surface again. File any papers needing filing, return any stray items to their rightful homes and toss any junk.

6/26 Clean out your medicine cabinet. Toss old makeup you never use, expired prescriptions and anything else you don't need. Save your valued space for the things you actually use.

Take Tuesday 6/27 off as a holiday and then repeat. Do more folders, pick other drawer, add more stuff to the donation bag, etc.

(Note: You should be able to see your apartment floor and vacuum your home BEFORE attempting this level of de-clutter.)


blankfist said...

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blankfist said...

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blankfist said...

Wow, I nerded this up so bad that no one wants to post. Note to self, continue doing that.

harwell said...

Peggy, I'll apologize on Heath's behalf. I was all set to get on here and go "Wow! Those are some great practical tips and our place is getting untidy by the second! I can really use these!" And then I see Heath's nerdiness has intervened for a minute of geeky pleasure and stolen your thunder.

Well, just know that I appreciate your post. And that Heath's an unbelievable nerd.

blankfist said...

But this is a great site: