Wednesday, June 07, 2006

This Week, Peggy Harkens Back to a Time Before Cell Phones

“I was going to call you, but I didn’t have my cell phone, and I just don’t know anyone’s phone numbers anymore.”

Have you heard or said this lately? Remember the early 90s, when you could recite the phone numbers of at least 20 of your friends? Well, I find this to be a real pain in the tushy. There are some people’s numbers I dial at least half the time, just to make sure I know them. I’m quite certain that if I’m ever in a car accident, my cell phone will probably be destroyed, and I’ll want to be able to call Brian or my parents for help.

Anyway, you have probably already seen this website, like 5 years ago. But, I was thinking of it recently, because of this phone number knowledge issue. The website is Phone Spell ( and will help you see if there are words in your phone number. Surely, you could find these words yourself, but this will save you time and headaches. Giving out your phone number in word form can make it easier for others to remember. Or, if there are a few number you need to remember, this may help, too.

For example, my cell phone has the words "My Gal" in it (plus an easy-to-remember number at the end). My parents number has the word "Tart" right in the middle of it. Easy to remember, and kind of funny.

Anyway, I can’t really claim that this will help you save time or memory or anything, but it gives you something to do at work for 15 minutes!

[Ed. note: Just for the record, Peggy had this in at 10AM, but by the time I got around to posting it, Blogger was down for about 4-5 hours.]


Nathan said...

I actually have not heard of this but it's useful as shit. I can't even remember my own number AND now that my screen is blank, I can't call ANYONE

Thanks peggy!

blankfist said...

My number is 31jerkface1... what's that all about?

Nathan said...

I think you know exactly what that's about :)

harwell said...

51-Eli-Jug-53. Doesn't that sound like army talk? Like some dude in a submarine is reading coordinates to somebody? Like Matt Gray in Heath's first year movie? (which was great by the way). If you drop the area code, I can be reached at Jilt-Ike.

Ike Turner is NOT happy about that. But I am! Thanks Peggy.