Tuesday, June 13, 2006

No Longer Preoccupied With the Threat of Indictments, Rove Can Concentrate on Riling Up Homophobic Voters For the Mid-Term Elections

Turd Blossom won't be indicted. (Deep sigh). This stinks. If he didn't leak Valerie Plame's name to the press, fine, but for all the other reprehensible things he's done in politics, like telling South Carolina voters during the 2000 primary campaign that McCain had fathered an illegitimate mixed-race child, or the "phone-slamming" thing in New Hampshire on election day 2004, or worst of all, the Swift Boat campaign staged against Kerry in 2004, Rove deserves some jail time. A disappointment.

I wonder: with Bush's poll numbers so low, is Bush still calling Rove "the architect", or has he gone back to calling Rove by his "turd blossom" moniker? A worthy question.


Brian O'Malley said...

Leave us Republicans alone! 9/11!

Anonymous said...

you should blog about o'malley being a turd

harwell said...

O'Malley's more of a fart blossom than a turd blossom. I wouldn't say he's as stinky as Karl Rove; just a fart.

This maybe should go in the whole Fox News discussion, but I thought it might get lost. Watch Julie Banderas get all hot and bothered in a conversation with one of those "God Hates Fags" loonies. Good stuff.


I'm sure she feels like she really stuck it to this nutjob, but you know what would have been the best sticking? Not putting these dipshits on the air. Really, why even give them the privilege?

blankfist said...

That clip is a train wreck, dude. Man. I can't believe people like that live in our country.

Here's another clip:

harwell said...

Holy crap, dude! Watch this one all the way to the end:


I will ponder though, isn't it a little ironic that a "church" which preaches hate inspires so much hate from others condemning their hateful ways? It's like the people who complain about indecency; they can't make an argument without mentioning indecencies to make their point. If you want the fag-haters to go away, is it really that affective to get in a shouting match with them? If you turn down the volume, you can't tell who the bad guys are...

The first clip I saw of that nutjob on Fox News was kind of amusing, but now that I see they had the exact same nutjob on Hannity & Colmes it just makes me kind of sad. Why else would they put this woman on twice if not for ratings? She doesn't deserve airtime, and here they've given her at least ten minutes or so between the two programs. And really, how many people out there watching are going to agree with her point of view anyway? There's no debate there, no discussion, just yelling. The fag-hating "church" inspring hate in others. How silly. And gay.

Leave the entertainment off the news and on the internet where it belongs.