Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Take The Citizenship Test

Came across an interesting quiz online today. Over at MSNBC, you can see how you'd fare on the US citizenship test. It's pretty simple stuff. Who's the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, how many stripes on the flag, stuff like that. So check it out and see the absolute baseline knowledge you need to call yourself an American. I don't know. Maybe it's still easier to just walk over the border like everyone else.

Anyway. Feel free to post your scores. I missed #8.


Peggy said...

I missed #4.

Stupid guns.

blankfist said...

I missed five. It should've been a miss of three only, but I screwed up on the test. I should be thrown in jail for treason.

JudgeHolden said...

I have contacted the Department of Homeland Security.

blankfist said...

In an email from Kim Pauley, the Admin Manager at NCSA, she wrote "David Speck, Class of 2001, is looking for a 2nd/Loader..."

Oh, I bet he is.

Captain Mike said...

I am 80% American. I get a B-.

Did you know that Tim Orr and Matt Petrosky have shot pick ups for several major motion pictures? I think David Speck actually knows those guys. I am totally serious.

Brian O'Malley said...

Wow, Speck you know Tim Orr and Petrosky? What are they like?