Monday, May 14, 2007

The Wife Has Gradumagated!

And, just like that, two years of business school is over and my wife has graduated with honors.

The graduation ceremonies happened this morning and she is now officially done.

Last week she accepted her first post-M.B.A. job and it has been determined that we will be moving, though to where we don't yet know. Her training starts in July, which will take her to Sunnyvale, California and then to Dehli, India, and the job itself begins in August, which is when we'll probably be moving. So pretty exciting. Having listened to a bunch of speeches aimed at "looking back" over the last couple days, I don't feel at all inclined towards retrospection, so you don't have to worry on that score. Maybe as the move-out date draws closer. Anyway, I wanted to let you folks know -- I'll keep you posted.

But hey! In movie news, I saw "28 Weeks Later" over the weekend. Excellent stuff. It's not as good as the original, but it's a strong bit of work. The scares aren't cheap, the suspense is expertly done, and the premise is designed to put the screws to the characters in the cruelest (read: most entertaining) way possible. Good times.

Some other very brief reviews.

1.) "Happy Feet": Wtf?

2.) "The Holiday": Sheer embarrassment all the way through. "Bewitched"-level embarrassment.

And I've got "Little Children" and "A Good Year" on tap. I'm hoping they do better than the last pair of DVDs.


blankfist said...

Hey! Congratulations, Peggy! That's great. And with honors, too? Wow... look at the big brain on Peggy. So, there looks to be a lot of travelling ahead of you two. First to California (too bad it's not going to be near LA) then to........... India? Whoa. Terrorists.

So, I take it both of you are travelling together, right? Good, good. Well done, Peggy. Well done. Now that you have an MBA, though, you must stay out of Hollywood. It's a long story.

Gretchen said...

Congratulations Peggy!!!

Peter said...

peggy we are so proud of you

for puttin up with brian for 2(3) years

oh and congrats