Friday, January 11, 2008

A Fun Political Quiz!

This is pretty cool. Want to know where you stand on the political spectrum? (As if you didn't already know.) Click here to go to a handy-dandy Electoral Compass to discover where your views place you on economic and social issues. And, as an added bonus, Electoral Compass will tell you which candidate most closely aligns with your views. I'm just as left as you want on both social and economic issues (no surprise there), and Obama turns out to be the candidate closest to my placing on the chart.

Anyway, give it a try and post up who you're closest to, and who you're farthest from (Fred Thompson in my case).

By the way, I got this off of Andrew Sullivan's blog. Check out his entry here. He was closest to Ron Paul.


Anonymous said...

Your position in comparison with the candidates.
You have responded to 36 propositions. Based on the responses you provided, you are the closest to
Barack Obama and you are the furthest away from Fred Thompson

HA! It says that I am totally in line with Barrack Obama's positions. Oh, the painful irony!


Anonymous said...

Gee Brian, we both got Obama, wonder why????I still want Hillary!


blankfist said...

Guess who I was paired with... Ron Paul, baby! And guess who I am furthest from. Go ahead, guess. Nope, it was Fred Thompson.

blankfist said...

Wow, I found my lineup interesting. In order from closest to furthest:

Ron Paul
John Edwards
Barack Obama
Hillary Clinton
Bill Richardson
Rudy Giuliani
John McCain
Mitt Romney
Mike Huckabee
Fred Thompson

I'd say that was pretty accurate.

harwell said...

the Repubs

Nice link. Simple and clear, even if some of those questions are a bit more complicated than they seem. For instance, the one about paying better teachers higher wages: that sounds good in theory, but I worry that in that situation a teacher will only be judged and compensated based upon how their students perform on standardized tests ONLY. There are lots of ways that could go wrong. Crazy wrong.

But yeah - cool link. I guess it's Obamica 2008.