Friday, January 11, 2008


This. Is. Hilarious.

Check out this video from featuring Michael Cera and a fake interviewer dude named Zach Galifianakas. Cera may only be capable of putting on his halting and awkward adolescent persona, but he's damn good at it.

I almost guarantee laughter. If you're around my age and male, that is.


JudgeHolden said...

Dude's funny. Here's some other links. An appearance on Jimmy Kimmel pretending to be his own twin brother Seth:

And then his Kanye West video:

harwell said...

Not only that, Zach's family (or at least his father) is a Greek dude who lives in North Wilkesboro, NC. My mom knows him. Can not confirm if he also has a beard.

He did a comedy central special a few years back that was excellent. Also, he's in INTO THE WILD (which is great, btw).

David said...

He's also in this terrible yet somewhat amusing ski movie OUT COLD that I saw over new years...I was in a ski town and was made to watch a movie about a ski town.

nathan said...

this isn't the first fake interview I've seen that kid in. I saw him and his superbad co-star in another. The interviewer kept saying the chubby kid was the funner of the two because he was fat. The chubby kid freaked out a bit.

harwell said...

"The chubby kid"? Damn, that's kind of insensitive, Hinesy.

Jonah Hill's 24 years old. The least you could do is call him a "chubby man."

that's what she said...


nathan said...

you're absolutely right. I'm sorry Jonah.

blankfist said...

Pedulla just sent me this:

-from the Los Angeles Times:

A judge in Nevada has just ordered MSNBC to include Rep. Dennis Kucinich in Tuesday's Democratic Party presidential debate in Las Vegas or he will cancel the forum.

Senior Clark County District Court Judge Charles Thompson vowed to issue an injunction halting the nationally televised debate if MSNBC failed to comply. Kucinich had filed a lawsuit seeking to be included just this morning.

The judge ruled it was a matter of fairness and Nevada voters would benefit from hearing from more than just Hillary Clinton, John Edwards and Barack Obama. Kucinich had been invited to participate in the 6 p.m. Pacific debate Tuesday, but that invitation was rescinded last week ... So set up a fourth podium.

Andrew Malcolm, correspondent - The Los Angeles Times

A small victory for Kucinich, but a well deserved one! Good news.

Anonymous said...


I hope he makes the Iraq war a huge deal.


Anonymous said...

Is this guy Zach from NC?

If this is the case I betcha my mom knows them!

Greeks are tight like that.


Gretchen said...

Yes, his dad lives in N. Wilkesboro, Shawn's mom knows him.

Anonymous said...

Shawn's mom knows everybody. [pistol wink]