Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Primary Update

With 15% of the votes counted, Hillary's winning New Hampshire at the moment. She's at 40% to Obama's 36%. t's not a big percentage of precincts reporting, but Obama hasn't been ahead once as the votes are slowly being tallied. As a guy who enjoys me some politics, I'm happy because a Hillary win means the race goes on. As an Obama supporter, this isn't good news for my candidate. Was it the show of emotion yesterday to remind voters how they felt about her during the first weeks of the Lewinsky scandal? Or are the New Hampshire oldsters telling the Iowa youngsters to go to hell?

And McCain wins, as expected. The Republican race is more competitive and interesting that the Democratic race, that's for certain. No one knows how that's going to go, but I think McCain's got the best shot. South Carolina will give us the best indication yet as to how the GOP's going to go.

More when the final projection comes in.

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