Friday, November 11, 2005

Another Disneyland Photo, This One Featuring My Wife Kicking My Ass

This photo was taken by a computer on the same day as the photo from Wednesday's post -- this is from the Little Green Men ride (located right across from the old-and-busted Star Tours ride in the Futureland section of Disneyland). On this ride, Peggy and I rode around in a little Fantasyland-style car and shot laser tag-style guns at red-blinking targets for what felt like 15 minutes. For each target hit, we received a certain number of points. At the end you see how many points you've racked up. Looks like Peggy was winning this round. Like I said, it's kind of a long ride, and the gun seems to get heavier as the ride goes along, so you can see I was having to support it with my other hand. Though we may look bored and unimpressed, (we kind of were), we are actually determined to beat each other. In the end, I don't even remember who won, which must mean that Peggy won. At the end, in a little area with a bunch of monitors and keyboards, this photo came up and I emailed it to myself. These months later, I share it with all of you. And with that, I'm out. Have a good weekend er'rybody.

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blankfist said...

Yet another popular post, Crane. I have a number of these, as well. Keep up the boring work, dude!