Tuesday, November 01, 2005

"Trying my hand at no-look telekinesis, this was taken during the half-hour I spent trying to launch the Washington Monument with my mind. No dice."

Tomorrow's post will be an account of my few days spent in the nation's Capitol. Today's post will be, like my last two posts, not much of anything. Today (the actual first of November, not the fake first of November I alluded to in yesterday's post), I'm going to decompress, unpack and settle back in at home (yeah, I know, I was only gone a few days). But here's a taste of tomorrow's post. A photo for your consideration, taken at the Lincoln Memorial. Sadly, it's probably one of the few moderately okay photos taken, but hey, some are better than none. More tomorrow.


BOC said...

first before Heath.


blankfist said...

What was that mystery poster number one? The title seems to be obscuring your post, and we cannot make out what you wrote. Oh well, I guess there's no way to prove who you are or what you wrote, thus my post shall be considered the first post.


Crane, what's up with your intense stare, dude? That's just creepy. Anyhow, get to posting something, man, but only if it's degrading. That's the Crane I like to read about. You know, like the stories of Mooney, or Twizzler Crane, or the time when you drove Teanne back during the LA trip. Those really warm the heart.

And, BOC, will you please, please recount the McClananananahgagan story, please!

Anonymous said...

first after heath