Thursday, November 10, 2005

Here's a Movie That Has Some Real Promise: The Fountain

This image kind of sucks, I know, but it's the only good one that came up when I typed in "The Fountain" on Google image search. This is Hugh Jackman and Rachel Weisz in some scene in Darren Aronofsky's newest and upcoming film, The Fountain. This is the movie Brad Pitt was supposed to be in for the longest time, but then dropped out for some reason I don't remember. Couldn't been that good a one. The teaser came out today and though I think its format is kind of goofy (1 Man, 1 Love, 1 Quest), the imagery is amazing -- right now it's looking like one of those movies that's going to make an honest attempt at being both powerful and original instead of going blatantly for either box office gold or Oscar gold (which amount to the same thing), something the studios go out of their way to never do. (I think Eternal Sunshine took the prize for originality last year). What's amazing to me is that, in this teaser, in just two shots edited together -- the horseman thundering down a path towards the castle with a torch in hand, quickly cutting to a car driving along a freeway towards a shining metropolis -- more was attempted with the, (yeah I'm going to say it), filmic medium than anything I've seen in a long time. I wonder if Aronofsky was thinking of Kubrick's edit in 2001: A Space Oddysey -- the one where he cuts from the bone to the space station -- when he wrote that series of shots. How cool is it to be excited about shots again? Aronofsky's resurfaced finally after years and years of trying to get this thing made, but where's Fincher? Where's PT Anderson? Quentin? Why do we always have to wait years and years for these guys to do a new movie but we get a new Michael Bay movie every year? This year we're getting two Kiminski/Spielberg movies! Two! Are the young artistic directors being lazy, resting on their laurels, or are the studios too skittish to give these guys money and a release date every year (or even every two years?) Methinks the latter. (But a little of the former in some cases.)

Anyway, been waiting to hear something about this movie and I'm pretty excited by this teaser.


Anonymous said...

hugh is so hot and she has a great "personality" so I will see it. The director is all talk though, he loves to talk. He rarely directs.

So I won't see it for him but for a bald hugh, mmmmm.

Fried Pepperoni said...

Haven't seen the teaser, but is this the same movie Aronofsky wanted to make with Brad Pitt years ago before the whole thing got canned?? I remember Pitt grew this awesome burly bead for the role and then it turned out to be a waste of good facial hair.

I wasn't hot on Requiem For A Dream, so I hope this one's better. I'll allow that Aronofsky's got a lot of tools at his disposal, I'm just not sure he's found the right story for their utilization. Maybe this will be it.

Are the young directors slow and lazy??? I dunno, it sure seems that way. Part of it I think is just the sheer difficulty of getting films made, even when you're talented. Another part may be, as Tarantino has explained, the desire to make sure what you put on screen isn't rushed and is exactly as you intend it - which takes time, apparently. I guess it's the Kubrick vs. Woody Allen approach renewed. Interesting question.