Friday, January 06, 2006

An Admittedly Weak Friday Blog from Oxford, Georgia

Hey errybody! I'm up at my folks' new house up in Oxford today. I got lost on the way up here -- of course. I did a Google map but they led me astray. Generally the map programs work pretty well, but I think in today's case, they were only good for the middle of the trip --the end and the beginning were all screwed up. But I'm here now.

It's frickin' dark out here. Outside, by the side of the house, there's just moonlight. Surprisingly, it looks a lot like day for night photography. My folks are still getting used to the new place. They're trying to figure out the intercom system right now -- thry're ringing the doorbell and shouting, "Can you hear me?" Anyway, as you can probably tell, I got nothing today. I'll bow out while I'm still ahead and tell you guys to have a good weekend. Crane out.


food for thought said...

Ken Mehlman, appearing last night on Hugh Hewitt’s radio program, gave a region-by-region analysis of the 2006 elections. Mehlman says “I think we can advance across the country….In 2004, we had the most Republican and conservative electorate that we've had in 80 years. Yet at the same time, we got 44% of the Latino vote, we doubled the African-American vote in Ohio, a critical state to victory. We got 53% of the Catholic vote. We reduced the gender gap. If you lived in a city of over 500,000 people, we got 13% more votes in 2004, than we had gotten in 2000. Why did that happen? It happened because if you are confident, and you put forward a compassionate conservative philosophy, and you explain it everywhere and anywhere, then you have the opportunity to simultaneously motivate the base, and reach out to swing voters, and reach out to new faces and new voices.”

Anonymous said...

Tell food for thought, enough already with the right wing crap, I don't like reading it, especially on such a well written blog as this one. Don't make me come out LA, Heath.

Thank you

blankfist said...

Grrrr... I've been ousted!

Shannon said...

You're neato