Tuesday, January 03, 2006

So You Think You Got Away, Huh? You Think You Could Screw Him Over and Then Jump on the Freeway for A Clean Getaway? Check out your rearview mirror.

I stumbled onto this when I was looking for something to post up today. Sad to say but I think I may be getting close to the end of the decent artwork I still have to post up here. I may have to get into either the middling artwork (the stuff I've heretofore deemed not good enough for the blog), or try and pore through my storyboards and cull out some funny ones for the Inanities. Yeah, I guess the storyboards will probably be next. Hooray for all of you.

Anyway, this drawing always brings a smile to my face. It is, once again, of Blinky, though this is probably the most over the top I've ever drawn him. I know he looks like he's coked to the gills and in the middle of a fatal episode, but in reality he's possessed by a Clockwork Orange-style need to dispense some ultra-violence. So what he has to run down the freeway to kill somebody? This is Blinky we're talking about. He don't care. He's going to save time, no matter what it takes.

Anyway. Mi esposa Peggy is leaving tomorrow afternoon to fly to Cincinnatti, from which she will fly to Paris, from which she will then fly to Hong Kong. It's going to take her a little while to get to China to begin her "China trip" as we've been calling it for the last 6 months. She will be away from Decatur for about 3 weeks. She's packing right now and trying to figure out the bare minimum of weight she can take with her while still having a shirt to wear in 20 degree weather. She can only carry 44 lbs. while travelling domestically within China. So she's only going to be able to carry 44 lbs. with her out of the country. And with all the buying of counterfeit purses and software she wants to do, she's working on taking stuff she can use while she's there and then dispose of so she can cram as much into her bag as possible. I'm hoping she can bring me back the final Harry Potter book which, you may be surprised to know, has already been published there. It's called Harry Potter and The Promise of The Red and Shameful Dragon. Actually, I don't know what it's called, but that sounds pretty close.


Peter said...

blinky needs the cardio. Keep running in front of mack trucks.

food for thought said...

Nationally syndicated columnist Lawrence Kudlow writes in today’s Washington Times on the President’s impressive successes leading into the new year, saying “even while acknowledging some miscues, he answered his critics by hammering hard on an Iraq strategy for victory…he at last highlighted the strength of the U.S. economy, undoubtedly the single most underrated good-news story of 2005.”

Kudlow writes “the Democrats, meanwhile, help Mr. Bush and the GOP by reminding the electorate they remain soft and untrustworthy on national security and the terror war, while policyless and obstructionist on budget and tax issues.”

blankfist said...

The Red Shameful Dragon? That would be an awesome title!

blankfist said...

Oh sorry... the red AND shameful dragon... sheesh!