Monday, May 15, 2006

Gore Visits Our Darkened America from an Alternate Reality, and Shammy's New Joint's Got a New Poster. Why Am I So Interested In This Film?

Hello! Hope everyone had a good weekend. Peggy and I went to a country auction up in Oxford, Georgia Saturday night and did Mother's Day stuff on Sunday. Good times.

Also over the weekend, Al Gore made an appearance on Saturday Night Live. He addressed the nation from an alternate reality where the Supreme Court had allowed the votes to be counted and Gore had won the 2000 election. Funny, yes, but kinda sad, too. What a time it could have been. There are a lot of good lines in this sketch, but probably my favorite is the one about Bush's job in this alternate reality. You can view the clip here. Thanks to Shawn for the link.

Also, go here to see a full-size version of the new poster for Shammy's Lady in the Water. Kind of an interesting image. Bryce Dallas Howard is really staying away from the ingenue look for this one. More of a dark elf look, like Galadriel's creepier younger sister, Givesmenightmaresiel. Also, if you follow the link to Ainititcool, Harry Knowles writes this: "I did a two hour interview with Paul Giamatti for PENTHOUSE - where he hinted at a very OZ-ian base for the film. Including the possibility of flying monkeys!!!" Which is interesting to me. The idea of creating a new fantasy world in the vein of Oz sounds like a good idea, but because Shammy's kind of uneven as a screenwriter, I'm hesitant to get excited about this one; especially after Village turned out to be such a letdown. Anyway. More tomorrow.


Bush said...

way to squeeze the 16x9 hd dude. where did you go to school?

harwell said...

"Galadriel's creepier younger sister, Givesmenightmaresiel."

Nice one, dude. Laughed out loud at that.

I dig the poster. Whoever did that should've surpervised the trailer, because one is definitely superior to the other. As for the Oz comments, again I don't see it in the trailer. I see weredogs reminiscent of the wolf in the NeverEnding Story maybe, but not Oz quite yet. Maybe shammy's keeping it under tight wraps to fool us all. Seems like something he would be into...

Anyway, back to manning the anti-hurricane/anti-tornado machine.

blankfist said...

I saw that SNL bit - I just wish Gore would give up. He's embarassing himself. No one likes an indignant loser. On any account, yeah, that's interesting that Shammy (why are we calling him that) is making an OZ-esque fantasy. Cool.

And, I liked The Village. Boo on you.

Captain Mike said...

In Moranadu, he will always be known as Shamma-lamma-Ding-Dong.

I saw the twist in The Village coming a mile away. Not a very good movie.

Opie's daughter has got some talent, though.

Anonymous said...

Dude - Al Gore was brilliant.

And I bet you he will give carpet bagger Hillary a run for her money.

Heath - Al is a much better choice to run against a GOP challenger in 2008.

America loves the comeback kid!