Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Jon Stewart Reveals that Sometimes Deja Vu Isn't a Feeling, It's Reality, and The Trailer for Shammy's New Movie's Up. Were-Dogs, Dude. Were-Dogs.

Hola everyone. Thought I'd link ya'll to a video clip from The Daily Show, hosted by Crooksandliars.com. Bush nominated a guy named General Hayden to head up the CIA to replace Porter Goss yesterday, but, as Stewart points out on the Daily Show, Bush said something vaguely similar back when he was nominating Goss to the very same post some 19 months ago. It's pretty funny, and, if you're of a mind to watch it, you can do so here.

Also, the new trailer for M. Night Shammy's Lady in the Water is up today and you can check it out here. The first teaser sold the movie as, I believe, an "urban fairy tale". No obvious hard edges. Looked like lonely Giamatti was going to fall in love with a mermaid or something. Like Splash for the 'aughts. But even then you knew it was going to get scary and weird, (it is Shammy) you just didn't know how, precisely. Well, in this trailer, Shyamalan gives us a little glimpse into just that question by showing us a creepy and emaciated Bryce Dallas Howard, underwater tunnels, and mysterious were-dogs. Weird. In the middle of this trailer, an unseen character asks, "Does man deserve to be saved?" If this is anything more than just a rhetorical question asked during some weak philosophical debate, if this actually pertains to the plot of this movie, than I'm going to color myself worried this movie's going to stink as bad as The Village. Anyway, take a view and lemme know what you think.

Also, I would post some accompanying images tonight, but Blogger is being difficult and not letting me. For many hours today, all Blogger blogs were inaccessible. I hope they get their stuff together soon. Anyway. More tomorrow.


harwell said...

Let me hit enter a few times...

While I disagreed entirely with you about the Superman trailer, I think we're on the same page here. What happened to the bedtime story? This looks like the kind of stuff kids want to go to bed to forget they saw. Or either not go to bed so they don't have nightmares about weredogs eating their faces off.

It's a very confusing and chaotic trailer. Mainly, I'm confused by the notion that if Giamatti opened up "another world" by taking the drain off the pool, which world are the were-dogs coming from? Because surely they can't swim from the under the pool waterworld all the way out into the sure-to-be-set in Pennsylvania world Giamatti lives in, can they? Oh, and is that Shammy himself in one of those shots? I swear I saw him. Why does he do that? His name is mentioned thirty-six times in the trailer, do we really need to see his face, too, in order to remember that he made this? I'm surprised they don't have a shot of Giamatti watching Shammy's American Express commercial (which is not even in the same ballpark as Wes Anderson's AmEx ad, by the way). Or renting Signs from Blockbuster. Or having Unbreakable (i.e. overrateable) arrive in the mail from Netflix. Or projecting the Sixth Sense onto the pool itself.

That dude's got some ego issues.

Nathan said...

i thought the village was ok....but this looks kinda like shit.

blankfist said...

The Village was a well made movie-it was well paced, and the mood and tone that Shyamalan created was tense, I thought. Who knows, maybe this film will be good? I think all of his films are good - Even Unbreakable, which I actually like a lot. If Unbreakable was made by some low rent indie filmmaker, some of you would be fawning over it as if it was the next Grizzly Man. Yeah, I said it.

The problem I'm seeing is in how some of you might be judging the trailer. It sounds as if you're angry, or at the very least frustrated, at Shyamalan for how the trailer makes his movie look. I'm not sure even Speilberg can dictate how his trailers look. I don't think the filmmakers are ever involved, are they? I wouldn't know. My understanding is that they don't.

But, yeah, Shyamalan has some ego issues.

blankfist said...


BOC said...

Shammy was in it and I hate that he puts himself in his own movie when he...can....not...act. At all.

And Heath, you don't think this jackhole control freak cuts his own trailers? Yeah, maybe me and you don't have a say in how trailers to our movies are cut but this guy does. He doesn't even let his own wife see his movies until the premiere. True story. He wants to "wow" her. Plus the same people who greenlit this story are the same ones who will be too afraid to ask him turn over control of how the trailer is cut.

And I think he is a good filmmaker. I even liked Unbreakable (minus the last 30 seconds). Signs was excellent. But this? looks like utter dog shit. Someone has gone mad with power. He needs a Millen Collective to bounce his shit ideas off of, know what I'm saying?

Fucking weredogs. Sheesh.

Plus, Gwen Stacy don't look so hot in this trailer does she? Me worried. Me very worried. Petey's going to leave MJ for that?


harwell said...

Kirsten Dunst or a mermaid? That's a tough call, boc. On the one hand, Spider-Man's a nerd and dresses like a nerd and pretty much everything about him and his universe and his fans is nerdy. On the other, is there anything more depressing than a hot mermaid? You can only go so far with a woman who has fish genitals. Unless you're into taking that next step. By which, I applaud your bravery (Hinesy).

Heath, the problem with Unbreakable wasn't the direction. It was everything else. Including the direction. Also, I'm totally with boc on the trailer issue - if the guy has his name inserted into the title I think it's a safe bet he at the very least gets to approve or disapprove of a trailer before it goes public. The guy's insanely talented and you have to give him props for living beside Allen Iverson...I just don't know what you gain by putting your name in front of the title. Doing so almost makes it seem like the filmmaker is more important than the film. Shouldn't it be the other way around???

Nathan said...

now...hold on. Did you just make a derogatory reference to my wife's genitals?


harwell said...

No, I was thinking more of that time you hooked up with a striped bass at NCSA. You know, whatshername.


blankfist said...

You guys are assuming Shammy cuts his own trailers - but I have heard (multiple times) that H'wood isn't the trembling in the boots place where they give in to people like Shamzee-weiner-tooth. Wow, imagine that... a weiner tooth. Anyhow, I've heard no director has the ability to chose how the trailer for his/her film will be cut - that's why so many trailers miss the mark and sometimes misrepresent the actual story. This is because some Marketing diphead decided he couldn't sell the director's vision (Fight Club comes to mind - long story). Trailers aren't art. They're not the Director's voice. They're a marketing tool.

Anonymous said...

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