Thursday, May 18, 2006

This Week, Peggy Wants to Help You Turn Those Unwanted DVDs Into Cash. For Example: Behind Enemy Lines = $1.90. It's Easy. Read on.

Have you looked at your DVDs or video games lately and thought "Why the heck did I buy BLAHBLAHBLAH?"

Or maybe you've been thinking, "I'd like to get some extra cash by selling some of the DVDs that I never watch?"

Some of the readers of this blog are fortunate enough to live near a Penny Lane or Amoeba Music where they buy back used CDs and DVDs. However, if you are not in that group, and are put off by having to post each individual DVD on eBay and pay a fee per sale and deal with all those individual mailings and watch auction ending times, etc., I have found a site for you.

The site is called Media Exchange 123. They will buy your used DVDs for a set price. Just go to the site and look up the title (I recommend using the UPC code) and check out the price they are willing to pay for it. Then you can decide if you'd rather sell it for that price or keep it. Put the DVDs/Video Game you want to sell into your online shopping cart for your total. They also give you an allowance for shipping costs and USPS insurance when mailing your package if you sell over $30 worth of product (so you don't have to pay shipping fees).

Please be careful to read through the site carefully before jumping into your DVD liquidation. Definitely read the "how to sell" and "quality requirements" sections. I also recommend reading the Frequently Asked Questions section.

After you mail in your DVDs they will mail you a check or deposit the sale amount into your Paypal account.

Note that I am a huge supporter of Craigslist -- but seriously, if you are selling 30 DVDs, do you want to deal with 30 different phone calls, and numerous no shows, and meeting times and places, and blah blah blah? If you are selling furniture or tickets or sporting equipment -- yes, please use Craigslist, but for a lot of DVDs, MX123 may be the way to go.

(And for anyone wondering, I am not affiliated with the MX123 website in any way.)


harwell said...

Do you think they'll buy Barb-Wire or Tank Girl??? Or will Heath have to pay them?

wayne said...

good article. I like and craigslist

Anonymous said...

i tried them and they worked fine.