Monday, May 08, 2006

Imageless, Totally Inane Post. Do Not Read While Operating Heavy Machinery

Saturday: helped my sister move into my folks' house.

Sunday: laundry.

Went to bed late last night, got up early this morning. Today I not only felt tired, I looked tired. Heavy, droopy eyes deeply inlaid into the middle of an ever-expanding face, and a vacant, thousand-yard stare so somnolent it'd make you yawn. At any rate, my sister and her boyfriend drove down to Decatur this afternoon from my folks' house in Oxford to take showers. (My folks are currently without water due to a busted pipe.) Cleanliness achieved in short order, we piled into my mother's Camry and headed into the heart of Atlanta to the Aveda Institute, to whom my sister paid the first installment of tuition. Afterwards, we feasted on Chick-Fil-A and then took Alex to the traffic-choked, perpetually-under-construction Hartsfield-Jackson Airport so he could fly back to DC. On the way back from Hartsfield I just got way sleepy. So much traffic, so few cots laying by the side of the road. Been tired ever since. Ahem.

Anyway. I know that, in terms of awesomeness, today's post is on par with Steve Carrell's "egg salad" story in The 40-Year Old Virgin, but I cover my ass with these boring stories by calling this blog the Inanities. Totally inane, dudes. All right. My work here is done.


blankfist said...

You must be nearing your 30s, dude... haha. Welcome. Welcome, my friend. Welcome to the "God, I look tired if I have a glass of wine the night before" 30s, dude! Welcome.


Brian O'Malley said...

Where's my opus? I thought I posted it here! Heath told me you might be a tough cookie to crack...

and pay no attention to the time I posted being so close to the time "blankfist" posted. That's just the man behind the curtain.

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