Wednesday, May 31, 2006

With a Nod to Our Mutual Friend, Mr. Blinky, Peggy Tells Us All How We Can Be More Organized

Some of you may have noticed my quest to be a female version of the infamous Blinky by always striving to “save time.” So far, I’ve helped eliminate junk from your mailbox and unsolicited phone calls, find cheap gas without having to drive all over town, remember Mother’s Day to avoid later hour-long guilt trips, sell your used DVDs efficiently, and fight the battle against SPAM. All of these are time-saving tips in their own way.

In line with past blogs, here are a few ideas from that can each help you save a minute a day. Add them up, and that's a lot of time saved!

  1. USE ADDRESS LABELS. Stop writing out your return address. Get a set of pre-addressed labels, and use them when sending out cards, bills, letters, etc. In addition, keep some with you at all times. There are going to be occasions when you're in a store and are asked to fill out your name and address on something. Just pull out a sticker and you're done in seconds.
  2. STOP SHARING INEXPENSIVE TOOLS. If you're sharing your scissors, or three-hole punch, with someone in your office or in multiply rooms in your home, then you're wasting precious minutes walking back and forth borrowing it, and returning it. Save time, and buy one of your own.
  3. TYPE OUT DIRECTIONS--ONCE! If you find yourself wasting time constantly writing out directions to your home or office, type out the directions once, coming from north, south, east and west. Print it out and make copies. Keep them filed in your filing cabinet. Next time someone asks, your directions are ready to mail or fax. They can also be e-mailed if you saved the computer file.
  4. MAKE CHECKLISTS. Make quick checklists for things you, or others, have to remember, and keep these checklists visible. For example, keep voice mail instructions right on the telephone. Affix 'How to Record a Program' instructions, on the VCR. Use a magnet and affix a checklist for the pet sitter to the refrigerator. You won't have to waste time explaining what needs to be done.
  5. BOOK WHILE YOU’RE THERE. Whenever you visit your doctor, dentist or hairdresser, bring your datebook and book the next appointment before you leave the office.

Hope at least one of these ideas will be helpful to you. See you next week.


Nathan said...

Peggy should write a book or get a talk show. Something somewhere inbetween Martha Stewart and Miss Manners, but for the business world.

Girl, you'd be a billionaire

harwell said...

I would say #6 should be don't read blogs or just get rid of the internet altogether. Of course, no one is going to do that but holy moly does it eat up a day if you're not careful.

blankfist said...

Why do all the tips require you either to buy something or spend cash in some degree? I mean, sure magnets aren't all that expensive by themselves, but then you'd need to buy tape and paper, a new three hole punch, more printer ink than normal, order custom mailing labels, a new pair of scissors for the office and at home, and a date planner.

According to that would cost: $133.38! Are you trying to make us poor, Peggy?

Peggy said...

Yeah . . . you write me a check and make it out to CASH.

Anonymous said...

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