Wednesday, May 10, 2006

If It's Wednesday, It's Peggy-Time on the Inanities. Enjoy Your Weekly Dose of Practical Advice!

It's Wednesday and I'm back again with more information.

This week I want to REMIND you that this weekend (Sunday May 14) is MOTHER'S DAY. If you haven't gotten anything yet, it's not too late, but try not to wait until Saturday or Sunday morning to get something.

Ideas for Moms that live within driving distance:
Cards - you can buy one or make one.
Breakfast in Bed - I know first-hand moms still want this.
Chocolate - be sensitive if your mom is "watching" her diet.
Spa Day - give her a note/invitation now and go together later; even guys can get a mani/pedi.
Dinner - try to pick a place that takes reservations; Hooters will probably be the only place that's not busy.

Ideas for Moms across the miles:

Snail Mail Cards - you can buy one or make one
E-cards - if you mom is tech savvy, you can e-mail her a greeting
Flowers - typical, but great for last minute shoppers
Pajama Gram - -- I know I would love stuff from this website; I particularly like the "super mom" and the "because I said so" pajama sets; moms need relaxation!

Other gifts could be gift certificates to her favorite place to browse.

Of course, you know best what your mom likes, so try to put some thought into it this year, and not just go through the motions.

If you are uber-cheesy (like I admit to being), you can give cards/gifts from the pets too and give cards/gifts to your grandmothers/godmothers/nanas/sisters/etc. in addition to your own mom.



Speck said...

Funny, I know a TON of mothers that love to go Hooters...

blankfist said...

I have tones of hooters that love to go to mom.

blankfist said...

Tones of them.

harwell said...

Nothing like the sweet tone a hooter producers.

So Peggy, what is Brian getting his mom for mother's day? Can you spill the beans without the threat that she'll read it before Sunday? Or are you sworn to secrecy?

I'm getting my mom the same thing I get her ever year: a less disappointing son. She's got a closet full of them now.

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