Friday, March 31, 2006

A Friday Evening in Oxford and a Simpsons Movie?

Well, it's Friday and I'm writing to you tonight from out-of-the-way Oxford. Hanging out with the 'rents. Ate some habachi grill and sushi tonight in neighboring Covington and the food was pretty good, suprisingly, though the gumball and bouncy ball dispenser in the lobby area had me worried at first. Our hibachi grill dude was okay, but he wasn't as good as the guy working the grill on the other side of the room. After our guy was finished with his penny-ante "show", I watched this other guy do his thing. He was hardcore. He did a crazy thing where he swung a metal bowl filled with whipped eggs into the air flinging a thin yellow column of eggs into the air where it appeared to hang for a split-second before he eased the eggs back into the bowl. Hadn't seen that before. And he was also good at flinging shrimp. He'd tell people to open their mouth, lean their head back, and that was it. They didn't have to try and catch it. He did the work. With a shrimp stuck to the spatula, he just popped it off the spatula and into the hungry diner's waiting maw. Guy was good. Now I'm full.

Anyway, I read a rumor on Aintitcool this morning about a teaser for a Simpson's Movie being run in front of Ice Age 2. Turns out it's true. July 27th, 2007. Mark your calenders. Also, visit the Literary Smackdown some time in the next couple days to see a.) who won the March Smackdown, and b.) what April's Smackdown challenge will be. All right. Have a good weekend.

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harwell said...

If ever in Cincinnati - Kabuto's on Colerain is one of the best hibachi experiences you will have this side of Nathan's house. Small place with only four grills and the only remotely Asian looking folks there are the host and sushi guys, but still very tasty.

Did they make an onion volcano for you Crane? Did they have a noodle dish? Did they offer scallops so tender they melt on your tongue like butter on the sun?

If not, try Kabuto.