Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Pat Robertson, Unscripted

Pat Robertson is at it again. This time he's accusing the nation's college professors of being "killers" and of "beating people up". David Horowitz, who used to be, I'm guessing, a liberal but is now a right-wing crazy, wrote a book called The Professors. I'm guessing it's all about how the nation's universities are hotbeds of liberal dogma which the evil professors are inculcating into their soft-headed students. The link to the clip where you can actually see Robertson's blood pressure rise is here. It would be kind of funny, except he and the other fundamentalist, Rapture-believin' Christian millenialists wield so much influence in the country. As he says at one point in this clip, one day Robertson hopes to educate up to 250,000 young people at a place called Regents University. I'm sure that at this fine institution of higher learning, a whole raft of Christian kids will learn, once and for all, that God created the Earth in seven days, and that anyone who doesn't accept Jesus as their own personal savior is going to hell. "My Jesus-school professor said so, mom, so I know it's true!"

I know it's often the tendency on either side of the political spectrum to take the worst example from the other side, in this case Robertson, and then use that person to paint the other side with a broad, villainous brush. You could say I was guilty of that in this case, except that Robertson actually is the embodiment of, if not conservatives in general, than this administration in particular. Robertson says publicly the fire and brimstone stuff that Bush can only say privately. Things like one day soon, all of Jesus's disciples will be taken up to Heaven, and all of the unsaved will remain on earth during something called the Tribulation. Some writers have suggested that part of the reason Bush doesn't care about all of this debt we're accumulating is because, to them, debt doesn't matter because nothing at all will matter when Jesus returns to the mountain of Armageddon. Bush was asked during a recent question and answer session about his belief in the Apocalypse and he wouldn't (couldn't?) answer the question. See that exchange here. Scary stuff. These people are in charge. The history books will always say so. We're stuck with it.

Anyway, my awesome source for all of these illuminating clips come from a site called Crooks and Liars. Yeah, it skews pretty liberal, but it offers free video clips of pertinent stuff, usually culled from cable news, that I don't have access to. A great source for info and procrastinating. Hope this was uplifting. More tomorrow.


Big T said...

So, Crany, I guess you didn't finish reading the scrimp like you planned. I guess I'm off the hook for blooping you for two weeks. Yes, well, if I don't see hide or hair of a review, then, well, I guess I will have to bloop you. I've got a nasty one planned, so don't disapoint.

Big T said...

Yes, and disapoint = disappoint.

Peggy said...

two weeks without a bloop?

I don't think you can handle it . . . I guess you'll find some other way to be a pain in everyone's ass . . .

Good Luck with that!

blankfist said...

Crane, can't you get your woman under control?

blankfist said...

Dude, Pat Robertson is a moron. A scary moron, but a moron nonetheless. "It's appalling -- APPALLING!"

"They are out-and-out communists"

Haha! Awesome! I just don't understand why Christians are so against learning. I've never understood why Christians would be okay if all the future generations ever learned was about what we knew a thousand years ago. The science we knew a thousand years ago. Creepy.