Tuesday, March 14, 2006

In an Attempt to Free Louis XIV From the Guillotine, Blinky Charges Through a Crowd of 18th Century Parisians

This is a big "painting" I did my senior year in high-school. It's much too large for my little scanner, so I took a digital photo of it which is what you're looking at now. As you may notice, the image is a little out of focus on the left side of the frame. Anyway, I use quotation marks around "painting" because drawing with watercolor pencils and then using a water-laden brush to spread that color around (which is what I did here), seems to be painting only in the most technical sense. This is really a drawing I colored in. Probably no one would ever say I painted this. Anyway, whatever it is, it was partly inspired by Eugene Delacroix's Liberty Guiding the People. It's a cool painting, and not just because Liberty's dress has fallen down. I tried to grab a little of that painting's energy and that sense of capturing a big, crowd moment in a still frame with this dopey thing. What you see here is an attempt at a mob scene featuring yours, mine, and everyone's favorite anti-hero, Mr. Blinky. But more than all of that serious-sounding So-and-So-Painting-Influenced-My-Art stuff, I was just drawing a scene from my still-percolating Mr. Blinky screenplay. I was still writing it at the time. The script features only the most original, thought-provoking stuff; the kind of material Hollywood literary agents step over one another to represent: time travel, Nazis, elaborate special effects, vast arenas filled with costumed extras, and glorious "catchy" lines like, "I've got to save time."

Anyway, I also wanted to link you guys to something I saw on Aintitcoolnews. This is Peter Jackson accepting the award for best movie of the year for King Kong at the Empire Magazine awards. During his acceptance speech, which was taped, he included a King Kong blooper reel showing all the film's stars flubbing their lines and then immediately saying "F*ck!" afterwards. Hilarious. The best thing about it is Andy Serkis doing a little impromptu dance number while in the Kong motion-capture costume. The result had me rolling. Literally. Floating in mid-air like Sigourney Weaver in Ghostbusters just doing barrel rolls above my desk. See if you don't.

All right. More tomorrow.


Peggy said...

I can't believe how much weight he's lost. He's beating OPRAH!!

Anonymous said...

that wasnt funny

Captain Mike said...

It was kinda funny.

I dig your non-painting, too, although it needs some boobies. I think American wartime art could benefit enormously from inexplicable naked women running across battlefields. I bet "Saving Private Ryan" would have clinched the Best Picture Oscar if Pamela Anderson had been present on D-Day, urging the allied troops up the shores of Normandy. True, she's Canadian, but what is America if not a nation of immigrants? Besides, she's had lots of practice running on beaches in slow motion. That's the American Dream, right thar!

Spielberg wouldn't have gone for it, though. On the rare occasion that women get naked in his movies, they usually end up getting eaten by sharks or shot by Israeli assassins. Dude needs to lighten up.

Why are you so afraid to swear on your blog? I'll do it for you: Crap Crap Crap!

blankfist said...

Everyone looks really pissed off or at least indignant to some degree in the painting. That is everyone except the guy in the very front-right, wearing a black leather vest and a red shirt. He seems to be in an uproar! As if this was the best time a man like him could have.

blankfist said...

Hey Crane, I couldn't help but think of you laughing hysterically watching this one. Especially, the very last cat:


harwell said...

Also, is that Karl from SLING BLADE in profile in the bottom right corner?

Is he fixing to whip out a rusty ol' kaiser blade on Blinky's head and change that 4 to a 14?

You ought not draw like that, you just a boy. Mhmm...

(that was my Karl impression, btw)

Nathan said...

Heath's right about the guy in the red shirt and black vest. He looks like he's dancing it up at a disco party.

blankfist said...

Whatever, who care?! Crane is a big fat doo-doo head because he's a effin' cheater! BOOOOOO!



Just simply boo, dude, just simple.