Tuesday, March 21, 2006

More Amazing Sidewalk Art, a Glut of New Entries at the Smackdown, and Some Items of Interest Regarding Our Next President

What up dudes and dudettes! I am still jamming out to Vitalic's Birds video (I linked to it yesterday at the end of my post) and the song can fool a guy into thinking life is pretty good. Good song. Anyway, lots of things happening over at the Literary Smackdown, though the comments have mysteriously dwindled to nothing in the past two days. Two new stories are up, one from an anonymous, mystery writer, and one story from none other than Paul Papadeas. And, what's more, I have in my email in-box yet ANOTHER entry that will be going up tomorrow. This time from a girl, which is awesome.

As for THIS blog, the inestimable Shawn Harwell sent me more of those awesome sidewalk chalk drawings for our perusal. I put my favorite of the bunch, the Batman and Robin drawing, as the first because it's the most ambitious, and most awe-inspiring of them all. The rest are all amazing, so take a gander and enjoy.

One other thing. Al Gore said today that he probably wouldn't run for 2008, but he didn't rule out the possibility. In fact, it sounds like he's giving it more serious thought than he ever has before. More and more folks are talking about Al Gore as a viable contender for the Democratic nomination in 2008. I think the talk will probably begin to crescendo on May 28th of this year when the documentary about his one-man crusade against global warming, called An Inconvenient Truth is released in theaters. If it's playing here in the ATL than I'll be seeing it. Here's a link to a great article from American Prospect magazine about Gore's evolution since his "loss" in 2000. I'm really enthused about the new, nothing-to-lose Gore (even more than I was against the Lockbox-talkin' Sighing Guy) and I hope he runs. Read the article if you have some time. Also, you can visit draftgore.com and read some of his brilliant speeches. The speeches are the key to Gore. If you want the electable opposite of Bush the Younger as your president, I think this is your guy. All right. Enjoy the sidewalk art. More tomorrow.


Nathan said...

I am in fucking love with those art pieces. They are amazing!

harwell said...

And I am inestimable!